Status Update

Hi All

I promise to back the first of the week and present in all things.  A quick update.  I emailed the proof edits back in yesterday.  If all goes well, the next proof will be my last and the book could possibly be ready by the end of September.

I feel like I have been floundering in stuff the past two weeks and cannot seem to find focus other than getting the proof edited.  Maybe it is the emotions of re-reading the book, maybe it is my daughter visiting for a week and then suddenly being gone again until the Christmas holidays,  maybe it is realizing that I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to get done this summer an am now suddenly trying to do everything at once, maybe it is the realization that I have finally almost come to the end of the journey getting my book ready to be read (which is exciting and scary at the same time), or maybe it is all of the above.  But whatever it is, it has led me to being unorganized and going off in too many directions at once.

Tomorrow starts a new week and I am determined to focus on one task at a time and get myself once again organized.  Okay and here comes the “L” word, list. The list is going to keep me on track.  ha ha



6 responses to “Status Update

  1. I share your concerns Kathy….it’s that overwhelmed feeling when there is too much on our plate. Multi-tasking is too complicated and uncomfortable for me now! I work best within a very simplified environment since my mold exposure.

    At first I grieved and mourned my losses from the mold exposure. I missed my personal belongings but now I am thankful that my husband and I can live in less space…less space to pay for and to clean….less clutter…more time for fun things. Then I missed our home….now I am thankful I do not have a home to maintain, repair, and clean…again more time and money for fun things, especially when I have less energy to devote to all of the above.

    I would never have given up all I lost willingly. Yet as I see my parents age recently amid their house packed to overflowing full of “things to care for” and a house always in need of repairs, I find that I am now thankful that I am heading into my senior years less encumbered and with the wisdom not to spend my time and money on “things” that I eventually won’t be able to use or care for and have to part with eventually “perhaps” but instead to spend my energies and money on “fun times making memories” with those I care about.

    Now that is not to say that it is “not ok” to want a different lifestyle than the one I am describing I have that is working well for me at this time….to each his own…I am a firm believer these days in being true to yourself because the mold taught me not to take life for granted. I just wanted to share my thankfulness for where my mold journey has brought me recently to inspire other mold survivors as they rebuild their lives to take advantage of the losses and complications… by letting them bring clarity to where you want your future to be a head of you….

    • Patricia. Thank you for commenting. Yes, the idea of multi-tasking gives me a headache. I remember talking on the phone, cooking dinner, and cutting out a dress for my daughter at the same time. Now just typing on the computer becomes an issue when the phone rings.

      I am thankful as well for what I have and what I can still manage to do. Thank you for being an inspiration to others who are struggling. I know how hard it was to give up what you had both belongings and relationships.


  3. How exciting to see your proof on the kindle. Pretty soon it will be the final version! Yay!

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