Editing Update

I spent yesterday and today going over the proof after my first corrections only to find I made a missed a word that was wrong “wonder” instead of “wander”.  Then I realized as I read through it this time I had workers’ compensation (the correct way) also in a few places as worker’s compensation.  It was going to cost me money to fix the word wonder so I went through and found all the times I had the workers’ compensation wrong.  I just forwarded it back to for corrections and hope this is it.

I have dinner in the oven and am heading to get a massage in two hours which after all this I think I definitely deserve.


6 responses to “Editing Update

  1. Good for you Kathryn— enjoy your massage!!!!!!! later—

  2. Thank you Sonda. Looks like about 4 weeks or so and it will be ready for purchase.

  3. Sometimes it helps to read it backwards. This way it tricks the brain into looking at it differently. The problem is that because we have already written it and possibly read it many times just trying to get the meaning correct, our brain then reads what it already knows has been written. By reading it backwards we are forced to look at each word from a new perspective and can pick up spelling errors easier. One of my teachers explained this to me and I always to it before handing them in.

    I hope you don’t find a single one more 🙂

    Luv Miche x

  4. I would not have bothered changing the “workers’ “. There would probably be some that noticed the error, and would gladly with great enthusiasm let you know your mistake; but there probably would have been more that never noticed. It was good you changed wander, but again, you’d have plenty that would have never noticed the error.
    Isn’t it annoying, that no matter how many times you read through a proof and know you have it perfect, that on the next reading you find anywhere from 1 to 10 errors?
    I love Miche’s suggestion of reading backwards. I’m going to have to try that.

    • I know that workers’ compensation and worker’s compensation probably would not have been caught by that many especially because it was scattered throughout the book in different chapters. It is just that once I knew it was wrong, I couldn’t let it go through. I think Miche’s idea of reading backwards is a good idea too but wonder how it would work with my brain fog. Perhaps I will try that on the next book. It has been sent in and I am not reading it again. First it leads to anxiety and second I would probably find something else I wanted changed and there has to be a time when I just say, “Go With It”.

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    What would you have changed?

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