Chronic Illness Etiquette or 8 Ways to Annoy A Friend With Chronic Illness

I recently read a blog post on the Huffington Post written by Lisa Copen who has been suffering from chronic since 1997.  I have posted about chronic illness and reblogged posts from others on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to what to say and how to act around others with chronic illness.  Lisa presents 8 Ways to Annoy a Friend With Chronic Illness in her post.

1) Remark on their treatment

2) Tell them they need to fight the disease

3) Get excited to use their disabled parking permit

4) Say they are so lucky because….

5) Tell them it is stress

6) Talk about their assistive devices

7) Tell them about a cure

8) One-up their illness

Lisa takes these eight topics and expands on them.


4 responses to “Chronic Illness Etiquette or 8 Ways to Annoy A Friend With Chronic Illness

  1. Oh, I get all of those and more. Having just received a disability parking permit, I have friends who think it’s ‘so great’ and ‘lucky’ to be able to get a park near the entrance. I’d rather be ‘normal’ and walk through a carpark packed with cars without getting ill for days. Now that would be so great and totally lucky!

    Missed reading your blog. I have some catching up to do.

    PS: send something to you soon x

    • Miche – I have a sticker as well. If I don’t need to use it I don’t. However, if I am going into a building that is fragrant or that I have never been in before I use it. If I get sick, I need to get to my car as quickly and easily as I can.

  2. My sister had chronic pain for 50+ years so I have an outsider’s understanding of it. Cancer is considered a chronic disease. I have been blessed that my cancer has not had any recurrences.
    Glad to get to know you better, Kathryn.

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