What I Did This Summer

You all remember writing one of these papers when you returned to school from summer vacation.  I always hated writing these.  My summers were pretty much the same each year.  Play in the yard with my sister and friends and a two-three week road trip to see my grandparents and other relatives in Missouri.

This summer I had big plans!  We were going to get the ceiling fan installed on the patio so it would be comfortable in the hot weather to visit with friends and family.  We were going to finally get a water fountain for my back yard (the electrical outlet was put in when the yard was done six years ago).  We were going to finish the little sidewalk in the back yard so I could have my flower pots on gravel instead of weeds.  And I even thought we could try painting one room in the house since it has been over ten years since it was originally painted.  And I was going to have a tooth pulled.  Of course these were all projects that required my husband to participate and his summer turned out busier than I had hoped doing other projects.  And I was going to have my book, Allergic to Life,  finished.

Plans fail.  With the exception of my book finally being prepared for the printer, none of the above happened.  The ceiling fans never came on sale or at least anything that we wanted and I am hoping when it cools down I will find one.  I never made it to look at water fountains (hmm maybe this fall we can work on this project).  The sidewalk didn’t get started because it just got hot and my husband had so many other projects going nothing happened there either.  To do the paint, I would have to be away from the house and I never got around to trying to choose a new color.  I am still waiting for an oral surgeon willing to work with me.

What did I do then?  I went to a baseball game with my husband and daughters while my younger daughter was here to visit and got great tickets up and away from most people.  I made a trip to the beach with my husband, daughter, and grandson.  I attended my granddaughter’s birthday party and went to an outdoor dinner with girlfriends.  Hours were spent on reading through rounds of proofs for the book and it finally is on its way.

All in all it has been a much quieter and less productive summer than I had hoped for.  I would love to hear what you did this summer?  Did you do anything exciting?  Did you go anywhere?  Did you complete any big projects?

8 responses to “What I Did This Summer

  1. I have nearly finished remediating my mould effected possessions, deciding on giving a lot away to my fav charity. It’s easier. There is too much cleaning, and I’ve found that having some of my things in my new house has caused mould symptoms. I’m enjoying days, sometimes weeks without symptoms so it’s not a difficult choice to make.

    I’ve also been reflecting on the idea that material possessions mean so much less when our health needs to come first.

    I’ve almost finished a very important interview with a VIP author 🙂 and, have completed a few assignments. But the biggest thing? I’ve had to make my house suitable for my daughter to move into. And that has made me feel so happy. I’ve felt lost living without her these last few months, which makes me think I should do a post on ‘sacrifices’, the ones us MCSers have to make sometimes. The ones where we have to choose between our health or our family and friends. It’s a horrible position to be in but lucky for me, finally, it’s turned out okay.

    Peace to you, Kathryn, and good luck with your book. It’s been a long wait but I’m sure it’s going to be well worth it!

    Miche x

    • You have been a very busy woman. I think a post dedicated to sacrifices would be wonderful. I am so happy that you daughter is now with you. It is difficult to give things away but when you put it in the perspective of health versus illness the decision becomes much easier.

  2. We had lists– & lists of summer projects– & some got done– some got moved to another list– & then we went with the flow– & accomplished lots of things that were not on any list!!!! 🙂 We have learned to me more spontaneous in our old age– so if one day my MCS says no you are not doing that— on a good day we act– we visited more friend’s shows here in Branson we did more things as if we were “tourists” & totally enjoyed the area we live in– & I think we enjoyed this summer more then we have for several years– if it was HOT we stayed in the AC- on nice days we did a lot of day trips– our flowers & garden were top projects– we enjoyed!! The weather has been cooler & now we are back on projects we wanted to do out side while the weather is nice!!! We had tons of rain for several weeks– & so it was also play catch up time from all the rains!!! I think all of us are excited for you Kathryn for your book to be published– that is a huge accomplishment!!!!!
    All I know is our SUMMER FLEW BY!!!!! 🙂

    • Hi Sonda. Despite not being active and doing a lot of our projects, summer still seemed to just fly by. I am so happy that you have had the opportunity to get out and do some things when you were able and the weather was cooperative. I am going try and see if we can accomplish some of the outdoor projects when the weather cools down. I need to have someone come and replant some of my flower pots. I am hoping to have some kind of book party and would like for it not to look dead around here. With luck we can do it the first part of October before the weather gets too damp and the mold rears its ugly head.

      • Kathryn— if we were not hundreds of miles apart— I have tons of flower starts I could share– & would love to do your outside flower pots for you– how you would like them—- but I would have to bring my compose pile also!!! 🙂 We compose & of coarse don’t put anything in it with chemcials–& you can grow anything the soil is so good!!!! 🙂 But of coarse where we live it is all rock & bad soil so you have to compose!!! 🙂 A book party— how fun– how awesome– love it— all of us MCS sisters– I know wish we could come— as you know I recycle jewelry & I kept hundreds of pieces from my old antique shops –I retired from— & I have wanted to have invitation only chemcial & fragrance free–jewelry open house on my back covered patio & deck— as I have many who have shown interest– but don’t know if I ever will or not!!! BUT— your book party sounds like a totally awesome idea!!!!! Love it!!!!
        You also did sewing this summer–& I am still proudly wearing my apron you made!!!! We have a “storage room”– that has Christmas decorations– & “everything” we didn’t know what else to do with– & ALL my sewing & craft things also– we have decided to make that a “winter project” 🙂 — since it is inside!!! 🙂 Build rolling shelf units– & then sort– label & reorganize!!! Not that it needs it!!! 🙂 Right now–It looks looks like a picture on “Hoarders”!!!! 🙂
        I’m glad the days fly by for you guys also— & we are not the only ones!!! 🙂
        We have been having awesome weather here– but suppose to warm back up again next week—for awhile again!!!

      • Yes, if I weren’t so far away I would let you landscape my yard in a heartbeat. Thank you for reminding me that I did some sewing projects and finished my embroidery projects. A jewelry party would be so much fun!

        I will definitely let you know when and what I decide to do about a book party. I have some researching to do and some ideas to gather up to see if I can feasibly do it.

  3. Sometimes I measure productivity and accomplishment by memories made. A project may not have gotten finished, but if some good memories were created (such as time with the family), then time was well spent. I have to admit that some projects are still uncompleted and staring me in the face but I have great memories.

    • I like this. I do have some great memories while the projects still sit uncompleted. But I wouldn’t have missed the activities that caused those memories for anything. The projects will get done eventually.

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