Of course I will wear a suit in your mom’s house

My daughter has been working hard on finding a speech therapist for my grandson.  She finally contacted one that will come to work with him once a week on a day that I have him.  My darling daughter told the speech therapist that she would not be able to wear fragrances and she would have to wear a tyvek suit.

The therapist told my daughter that would not be a problem and she showed up on Wednesday with no fragrances on and put on a tyvek suit.  Amazingly kind.


11 responses to “Of course I will wear a suit in your mom’s house

  1. WAY COOL—- sometimes when I am about to give up “hope”– then in walks your grandson’s speech therapist in a tyvek suit & no fragrances & all— then I have to take my NICE pills again!!!!!! 🙂 hee hee I love it!!!!!! I didn’t have a nice week with toxic perfume on not so nice people!!!! 🙂 hee hee I needed to hear that!!!! Thanks for sharing Kathryn!!!!!!

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  3. SO nice when people just take it on willingly , matter of fact and yes ‘whatever we can do to keep you healthy’!! YEAH!!!! Heres to more people behaving like this, slowly but surely they will, but hopefully you’ll recover by that point and won’t need them to anymore 🙂 I’ve had a week like sondamcschatter so it was great to see this posted today! Restored my faith in humanity!

  4. Amazing! what a miracle… what a kind person!

  5. The goodness and kindness of some people amazes me!

  6. That is wonderful – and a rare occurrence!

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