Peanut Allergy in Preschool

My granddaughter attends preschool.  Today I glanced at the preschool newsletter.

Part way down the page in a bright yellow box were the words:  PEANUT ALLERGY ALLERT! The director talked about two new students with peanut allergy this year.  One student has a severe allergy and attends two days a week.  Parents were told that no peanuts or nuts were allowed on those days.  She also said that any thing brought in for birthdays or special occasions be peanut and nut free.  I was so glad to see that they are taking this very seriously.

7 responses to “Peanut Allergy in Preschool

  1. My husband was a teacher; at his school they just banned them EVERY day , so there was NO ROOM FOR ERROR; once parents are taught what anaphylactic shock is, they become a little more compassionate.

  2. I have a peanut allergy in my daycare….he can be around peanuts but not eat them….in my daughters elementary school it all depends on if there is a child with an allergy. In individual classrooms they decide if it’s going to be a peanut free year and they give out specific snack list for our kids to bring in. When they are younger they have a specific table in the cafeteria for a peanut free zone so no food sharing etc. When they are older they know the rules of food sharing and food allergies etc. and can sit all together.

  3. Our daycare has a no peanut rule everyday for all events. It is up to the teachers in the rooms to moderate though. An email recently went around requesting kids eat their breakfasts at home and not bring that to daycare d/t kids with other allergies. I’m not really sure what provoke that email since I thought most parents feed their kids at home. None the less, being that my little guy has so many allergies, I’m grateful they’re willing to take a stand.

  4. I am SO glad to see that being taken seriously!

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