The Good Old Days – or were they?

Many times, I have found myself making comments such as “in my old life” I did this or I could do that.  I am always referring to how much better my life was “in my old life”.

Toni Bernhard, author of How to Be Sick and How to Wake Up, is also a contributor to Psychology Today.  Last month she posted on the good old days syndrome.  I read this post and it got me to thinking.  Maybe everything about my old life was as good as I remember it.  Yes there were things I could do and things that were possible for me to do in that old life.  But was I doing everything I could?  Was it as perfect as I remember it?  Of course not.

I think you will enjoy Toni’s post.  It definitely got me to thinking and maybe I won’t be so quick to compare my life to my old life.



6 responses to “The Good Old Days – or were they?

  1. I do the EXACT same thing! I put my old life on a pedestal – as if lemonade came out of water fountains, the sun shone every day, and life was perfect.

    I’m glad you brought this up, because instead of glorifying my previous existence, I should remember that my old life came with challenges and heartbreaks, too.

  2. I think it is one of the benefits of being human that allow us to remember the good and the bad gets faded. We remember that at one point we had pain but we don’t feel that pain again. It is hard to imagine that in 10 years we will look back and consider today “one of the good old days” but who knows, we just might do that.

  3. Good post. It’s good to put things in perspective.

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