Book Blog Tour Update

Wow, two posts in the same day and I still haven’t come up with tomorrow’s Catch-Up Monday post yet.

Book Cover

Book Cover

I want to update you on Allergic to Life’s upcoming Book Blog Tour.  The tour is scheduled to start the first of October and is being featured on some amazing blogs.  Who are they?  Not so fast!  You will have to wait a little longer to find out.  I can tell you that some stops  will feature guest posts written by me and some will feature an  interview.  I can also tell you that I will be offering a giveaway of three autographed books through rafflecopter at the end of the blog tour.  Each blog stop will give you the opportunity to enter to win one of these three books (I hope I can make sure it is set up correctly.  I will do some research between then and now.)  The autographed books will only be available in the US and Canada but I will offer an Amazon Gift Card to purchase the book should someone from outside this area win.

I am getting so excited!


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    Here is an update on Kathryn’s book release and Book!

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