It is very real now!

This arrived on my doorstep this morning via UPS.  Let the work begin!  Now I just need to get the links on my website.  Should be done this weekend.

My Stash

My Stash


16 responses to “It is very real now!

  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. My friend Cheryl who she is an author also– said today:
    UPS showed up with four boxes of my brother’s new novel: “Dog of the Afterworld” this afternoon. As I carried in the last box from the porch, Dave came into the living room.
    Dave: Oh, Leon’s books. That’s what that noise was. I’d have helped you, if I’d have known.
    Me: That’s OK, I’m used to schlepping boxes of books.
    Dave: That’s part if being a writer, isn’t it?
    Me: Yep. And they don’t tell you about that in writing school.

  3. Very exciting! Happy for you.

  4. Congrats on the book release! How exciting!

  5. How exciting, Kathryn! I’m so happy for you. Savor the experience. 🙂

  6. Ha! Love it. Congrats again. I have the biggest surprise coming for you. Soon!

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