Tooth Update

My husband and I went to the oral surgeon’s office this morning.  This is the one that told me they had no air fresheners and the staff did not wear perfumes or colognes.  I was a little apprehensive and I purposely had not shared my list of sensitivities with them ahead of time preferring to discuss them with the doctor before they had a chance to say no without seeing me.

We arrived at our designated time.  I did not detect anything noticeable while I sat in the waiting room.  Within a few minutes I was taken to a room and again I didn’t notice anything horrible.  The dentist came in (boy was he young) and discussed why I was there and did an x-ray.  He didn’t seem put off by my long list of allergies and sensitivities.  He came back and said he could extract my tooth today.  I told I thought I was there for a consultation and was told that they had actually scheduled me for the procedure.  He went to look to see if they had any epinephrine-free carbocaine.  They had it – so I could have it done then or I could reschedule it and go home and come back.  I knew how difficult it would be for me to make that next appointment.

So, I just went for it.  They allowed my husband to stay in the room.  I loaded my syringes with histamine (which thankfully I didn’t have to use) and we got started.  The tooth wasn’t going to willingly come out so the dentist had to cut it in pieces to remove it.  There was no pain really.  The worst was the horrible pressure.  When it got bad I thought back to my energy balancing days.  I put myself in a state where my breathing was so slow I wasn’t sure I was breathing and took my mind away from the pressure.  All of a sudden it was done and he was putting sutures in.   The dentist was afraid of the dissolvable sutures because I might react to what was in them and opted to use silk so I will be making a trip back next week to have them removed.

All in all, my jaw is sore from having my mouth open and I am bleeding a little more than most because of the lack of epinephrine in the carbocaine.  I am icing my face and taking it easy.  As long as it heals well and no infection sets in I will be fine in a few days.

I am just glad this hurdle is over and I didn’t have any horrible reactions in the process of getting the tooth removed.

P.S.  The dentist said he has seen a few others with a laundry list of allergies like mine but never with histamine instead of epinephrine.


16 responses to “Tooth Update


  2. So glad you had this done. Happy to hear you used an energy enhancing visualization during the procedure. Hope you heal quickly! Jennie

    • Jennie – I was associating the very bad pressure with pain and yet I knew it wasn’t pain. Suddenly I remembered that I had the ability to slow down my heart rate and remove myself from what was being done. I remember you telling me something about the guides and I began visualizing you, Lisa, Deborah, and Carol supporting me as I calmed my body down.

  3. Oh Kathryn this is wonderful news! I know how long you have stressed over finding a dentist/dental surgeon to do the job. Maybe the reason you finally found this one is /because/ he’s so young…and not so hidebound!

  4. SO glad this was finally done. The oral surgeon sounds awesome!!

  5. Considering all you went through in finding an oral surgeon, it sounds like you made a good find. Hope you have a quick recovery.

  6. You’re so brave! I would have been a weepy mess. I hope you’re recovering well.

  7. Glad it’s over with! How fortunate to find a fragrance free dentist office and staff. That is not the case with my dentist’s office even though I have mentioned my fragrance sensitivities in the past.

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