Allergic to my Life

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No, I don’t suffer from anything worse than a bit of hayfever every now and then, but my friend Kathryn Chastain Treat has become allergic to virtually everything we take for granted in our modern world.

Kathryn’s fight to banish allergens from her life – so she can have a life – has filled me with awe from the moment I first stumbled onto her blog. This is one gutsy lady.

One of the hardest issues Kathryn has had to face is ignorance, both in the medical community, and from other people. People just like you and me, wear scented deodorant, or perfume or some other personal care product that we are not even aware of. But to Kathryn, those products are like a red rag to a bull, causing her allergic reactions to flare.

I would suggest that you try to imagine what Kathryn’s life is like but I…

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2 responses to “Allergic to my Life

  1. Nothing to thank me for Kathryn. I applaud what you’re doing, and how you’re doing it!

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