100 Ingredients You Don’t Want in Your Beauty Products

Do you want all these chemicals on your skin?



100 Ingredients You Don’t Wantin Your Beauty Products

Here’s the most comprehensive list of harmful chemicals currently used in skincare, hair care, makeup and fragrances.Use this list anytime you buy a beauty product. Don’t keep it secret: photocopy it and give it to your family members and friends. Minimize your exposure to these chemicals. Ideally, eliminate them from your beauty routine. AND SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!

And some people wonder why  people with MCS have to keep chemical & fragrance free safe homes to stay alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Acrylic Acid – respiratory toxin for humans; causes asthma, severe skin burns, and allergic reaction in the skin or lungs; causes renal and kidney damage in animals; causes blood tumors and skin tumors in animals.

  1. Aluminum (pure aluminum powder) – strong human neurotoxicant; causes irritation of eyes, skin, and lungs; endocrine disruptor; linked to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer; causes birth disorders…

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