My Slush Heap Interview

Hooray!  Today we finally connected and I had my Google On Air Hangout Interview through Slush Heap.  You may remember me talking about it earlier in the year.  There was some technical glitch and my portion never recorded.  Today we did my interview again and it recorded.

You can watch me here:


11 responses to “My Slush Heap Interview

  1. Kathy:
    Is there something to click to bring up the interview?


  2. I AM SHARING —- BUT NOT YET————- 🙂

  3. Kathy:

    I just watched your interview. I loved it and your interviewer. He engaged you and the viewer with insightful questions and comments that related your plight to his own. You told your story clearly and honestly. I am sure you will help so many people to understand what is a poorly understood illness, and perhaps you will help save relationships that may have fallen apart without this understanding. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Blessings, Jennie

  4. Loved the interview Mrs. Treat. It’s a very eye opening situation that you went through. It’s amazing your strength, and how much courage it took for you to basically relive a situation of such dramatic circumstances. Rudi, did a great job of asking the important questions and I agree with him 100%, that this is a total educational experience. The best of luck in getting the word out about this and finding the solutions needed to enjoy life.

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  6. For some reason there is no play button on or around the picture. What am I doing wrong?

    • Karen – There is no play button if you are reading through your email. You have to click on the link that takes you directly to my blog post. This came up with a friend of mine and that is how I figured this out.

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