My Book Is Making The Rounds!

This past Friday, a fellow high school classmate hosted some of us for an outdoor dinner in his back yard.  My husband and I attended and I took George a signed copy of my book.  My book was totally written by me but I have had help along the way in the photos for the covers, the cover design, the editing, and in the photos that you will see inside the book.

I was told by the publisher that the photos would have to be black and white.  I could submit them in color with my text and they would convert them to black and white.  George took a look at my photos that I had pasted into a word file and then added text boxes (the extent of my know how when it comes to photos and publishing).  He immediately said he could make them look better.  And he did.  They don’t look like the scrap book version that I created but now look professional thanks to him.  This is George and I with his copy of the book.

George and I

George and I

The photo was taken just outside his patio and he turned it into this amazing photo.  This photo reminds me of something you see on the red carpet.  If I had known my photo was getting this treatment, I would have worn my evening gown.

I have asked all my doctors to send me photos of themselves with my book.  I want to make a collage frame of photos of everyone involved in making this dream come true.

4 responses to “My Book Is Making The Rounds!

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  2. It is a great photo. I bet the night was a lot of fun. Your book is such a great accomplishment.

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