Book Blog Tour: Day 7

I am having a wonderful time and feeling so privileged to be able to share my story on some amazing blogs hosted by equally amazing women.

Today I am honored to be hosted by Molly from based on a sprue story.  I will be answering interview questions that Molly has prepared including what is the funniest thing that has happened during this illness.

I gave up eating wheat and most things gluten when I was told I had to give up oats and wheat because I tested allergic on a blood test not because of a diagnosed celiac disorder.  After years of treatment I am now able to eat those items again.  Recently through meeting Molly over six months ago and learning her story of gluten intolerance, I have begun to try to incorporate more gluten-free recipes into my meals.  I also was not aware back when I was giving up gluten of cross contamination with non-gluten products.  I have learned many things since following Molly.

What I love about based on a sprue story is Molly’s ability to take even a nursery rhyme or children’s story and put a gluten-free or  humorous spin to it.  I think you will enjoy her blog as well as those of the other ladies that have been hosting the book blog tour.

8 responses to “Book Blog Tour: Day 7

  1. Molly has done a wonderful job on her post. Please stop by and leave a comment to let her know.

  2. I enjoyed hearing about your story and struggles in the interview!

  3. Hi Kathryn, thanks for the great review of my blog! 🙂 I’m so glad I was able to host you on your grand tour and so glad we were able to connect on the interwebs.

    • Molly, you are quite welcome. I love to read what you write and your humorous sprue stories. I am glad we connected and extremely happy to have had you host me on the first ever book tour and spreading the word about chemical sensitivity.

  4. For those who haven’t entered the Rafflecopter Giveaway – there is still time to enter to win one of three signed copies of Allergic to Life.

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