Book Blog Tour: Day 8

ARE YOU BORED SICK?  I was and so is Christine who writes for her blog entitled bored sick.  Christine is hosting me on Day 8 of the book blog  tour for Allergic to Life and myself.  Christine and I met about eight months ago through our blogs.  She suffers not only from dysautonomia (I talked about this on day four of my blog tour with Lindsay of musings of a dysautonomiac).  I was familiar with her condition but she also was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease.  The biotoxins from the Lyme Disease are not totally dissimilar to the biotoxins I was attacked with from my mold exposure.  I understand the difficulty getting them under control.

I will be doing a guest post for Christine’s blog.  I have included an excerpt from Allergic to Life and I will be talking about the loss of  many of the things I held dear in my life before illness.

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