Book Blog Tour: Day 9

Today is Day 9 of Allergic to Life’s book blog tour.   I am being featured on Cynthia’s blog  black lilac kitty.  Not only is Cynthia the blogger for black lilac kitty, she is the author of Hometown Appetites – the story of Clementine Paddleford (a wonderful read),   the inspiration behind Black Lilac Kitty Promotions where she supports and promotes authors through various means including her newsletter, The Cat’s Meow.  I have found some amazing new authors and exciting reads by reading her newsletters and blog posts.   I have been featured in two of her online book fairs and in the September Newsletter.

If that isn’t enough, Cynthia works a 40-hour week and manages to do chores on her farm.

2 responses to “Book Blog Tour: Day 9

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