My Day Away From It All

IMG_1872While sitting on the beach I remembered that I wanted to phone my attorney and ask for a photo of him with my book.  What I got when I spoke with his secretary was a very huge shock.  It seems that around the first of the year he was diagnosed with oral cancer and has already gone through two surgeries and radiation therapy.  My prayers are with him that he recovers and is able to once again do what he loves and is so good at, defending workers who are injured at work. IMG_1876IMG_1878

11 responses to “My Day Away From It All

  1. Life can change in a nano second. So sorry to hear about your lawyer. I love the photos you included. It looks like the Northern California coastline. So peaceful.

  2. Jumping_Jenny_444

    I love your pictures! They’re so beautiful! 🙂

  3. Very happy to see you looking relaxed, but sorry to hear about your wonderful attorney’s health problems. He is in my prayers.

  4. Very sorry to hear about your attorney. He sounds like a wonderful person, I hope he heals soon. As an attorney, I have a lot of respect for those who do the same thing, especially those who fight for people who need help, so i will keep him in my thoughts.

  5. Things can change so quickly.
    Hope you enjoyed your time away. It looks like a restful place.

  6. I’ll include your lawyer in my prayers.
    There have been so many people with cancer recently that I’m praying for, it makes me wonder what’s triggering it.

    • Thank you for including Mr. Keeling in your prayers. I am sure he will appreciate that. If we look around us and all the garbage that we are being exposed to on a daily basis, I am not surprised about the high numbers of new cancers but I am deeply saddened by it.

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