Book Launch and Book Signing Party

The book launch party and signing were awesome. IMG_1884 I saw some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time and met some new people who came because they knew of my story. One high school classmate drove over two hours to come and support me.  Here we are with copies of my book. IMG_1911

The baking went well on Friday although not being able to multi-task any more sure through a kink into my baking day. First mistake was discovered on Friday evening as I went to cut the chocolate almond joy bars to prep them for serving on Saturday. I couldn’t figure out why the chocolate on top was so gooey. Suddenly the light bulb went on in my head. Only 1/3 of the chocolate chips were supposed to be on top and the rest were to be inside. I had two batches with all the chocolate on top. Taking my daughter’s and husband’s advice I put them in the freezer and served them cool. The second big mistake came when I went to take the pumpkin bars out of the oven after the timer went off. They weren’t done! OOPS! I had turned the oven off while I ate dinner and decided whether to make the pumpkin bars or snickerdoodles. The oven was never turned on or hot when I put the bars in the oven. I quickly turned the oven on and they turned out perfectly the second time around in the oven.

Saturday morning arrived and we headed over to the home of my friends Steve and  Victoria to set up for the party. Everyone arrived on time at 2:00 p.m. for the party as fragrant free as they could be by avoiding colognes, perfumes, after shaves, and scented lotions. The food was a success

Goodies to nibble on.

Goodies to nibble on.

and I am glad that I included copies of the recipes (thanks to whoever told me to do this). I signed books and visited. The giveaway of four gift baskets was fun and in the end I gave away a copy of the book.

Today I have been doing the fun things like scrubbing toilets, steaming floors, and laundry to bring me back into reality so that I could get this post done and I need to sign and prepare for mailing the three copies of Allergic to Life from the Goodreads Giveaway.

My Gift Basket Winners

My Gift Basket Winners

Below is a video clip of me thanking those attending.  I will post more pictures during the week.

24 responses to “Book Launch and Book Signing Party

  1. That’s wonderful! The food looked amazing, too…yum! Also, it was great to be able to see and hear you 🙂 May your book be a continued success!!

  2. Congrats. It’s very brave of you to have the signing with all those people. I hope Oprah picks your book as one of her faves. That’ll get some attention.

    • For the most part no one got too close to me and were all very worried about making me sick. My husband said that I needed to contact Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres.

      • Maybe Dr. Oz too. You give me the incentive to get back to mine. I promised my friend Joe though that I would warn him when I am working on it. Apparently as I relive it — I send out some very negative energy and then I get a panicked email checking on me.

  3. Hello! I’m not sure you do the award thing but either way I wanted to let you know that I think your blog is unique and you’re awesome. Details here:

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  5. Happy book launch Kathryn! My present to you is this review of Allergic to Life –
    There’s one on Amazon as well.
    Your book is a must read. Well done. -hugs-

  6. Kathryn, I want you to do it, too. Contact those people who can offer you NATIONAL EXPOSURE to spread the word. You know what moved me most in your little video? It was when you said “Now I know who my real friends are.” Please tell that you didn’t lose any friends because of your illnesses? That would break my heart. Which would be the reason that I would push u more to take this on more national level to bring awareness and understanding.

  7. Sounds like an extremely successful book launch.

  8. I love love love love this! I wish I could have been there 🙂 I love this video so much bc your personality really shines through! I feel like you might just have a sassy streak like I do 😉 CONGRATS on the book being published! I’m going to buy my copy after I get paid at the end of the month!

    • Remember – if you want a signed copy to order it through my website. Thank you. It has been very exciting and I am still amazed about the wonderful comments and reviews I am getting. I feel very honored. I am glad you liked the video clip. My high school classmate took it from her phone.

  9. Congratulations! Very proud of you.

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