Goodreads Giveaway and Other News

The Goodreads giveaway ended on Saturday.   Three signed copies went out in the mail today to my three lucky winners.

I prepared signed books and letters for Oprah Winfrey, Katie Couric, Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Oz and the Doctors.  These are going out in tomorrow’s mail.  I haven’t even had the time, energy, or brain power to tally the number of books sold Saturday.

Tomorrow is Day 12 and the last day of Allergic to Life’s first ever book blog tour.  I will be featured by two blog hosts on a Two for Tuesday.  I am not sure what time those posts will become live and because I have to be out of my house by 9:00 a.m. PT (I get the honor of accompanying my granddaughter on her preschool’s pumpkin patch trip since mommy can’t get off work), I will post my introductory post before I leave.  If you click on the link and it isn’t up yet, please stop there again.  These are two lovely ladies that have worked hard to prepare for the tour.  I will pop in and out on these two blogs tomorrow and leave comments as well.

With all luck I might be able to get some more party pictures up as well.

Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway using the links on their blog posts and take a moment to leave a comment to let them know you were there.

4 responses to “Goodreads Giveaway and Other News

  1. It would be great to see you on a talk show.

  2. I agree. Although I enjoy our emails, it would be nice to see my friends face again – even if only on TV. I know you are capable of educating a world on nonbelievers about invisible illness. Especially doctors who don’t believe in such diseases. I would love to see more people educated about the damaging effects chemicals, molds, scented products, toxins & modified foods.

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