Dr. Oz’s studio refused my book? What?

I was checking my USPS confirmations to make sure Dr. Oz, Katie Couric, The Doctors, Ellen DeGeneres, and Oprah received their copy of Allergic to Life I sent them.  They were all delivered but the one to Dr. Oz.  The tracking information just says refused.    So now I wonder.  Did it get refused because they wouldn’t accept the package or did I have the wrong address?  Do any of you know the studio address for Dr. Oz? I still want to try to send it.  It is very difficult to search for these addresses.

14 responses to “Dr. Oz’s studio refused my book? What?

  1. How strange… Is there anything on their website?

  2. Eeeeewwww. I’m not a fan of Dr. Oz anyway, but if he refused your book? I’m way disappointed in this – especially if all the others were delivered?

  3. I don’t know about Dr. Oz but on Oprah’s site when someone requests to send an unsolicited manuscript (or book) that they are not accepted. If you have their email — you might ask what Dr. Oz’s policy is. I sent a letter to the editors of O Magazine like a month ago because they were sending me scented magazines when I had requested unscented. I canceled my subscription. What I have received was a form letter stating they don’t understand why I would possibly cancel and another magazine with another scented strip and a deal to sign back up. Time for another letter to the editor I guess. Good Luck. Have you tried some of you local talk shows. Here in central NY we have what’s called Bridge Street — and the whole show is what is going on around central NY — they often have local authors on.

  4. What!?!? I hope he didn’t turn away your book.

  5. The package was refused and sent back to me on the 30th of October. I just received it in the mail. I can’t really figure out what the issue was. I will work on it but not until things calm down and my energy is better. Until then, it will just have to sit on the shelf and wait for its turn to be dealt with.

  6. An after note: I found a new address for Dr. Oz and sent it to his office at the hospital. It was not turned away. Now we wait and see if anything happens.

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