Happy Birthday To Me!

Well Halloween is tomorrow and today is my birthday.  I was born the day before Halloween a few years ago (ha – thought you could get me to say when didn’t you).

I have been sick for so many birthdays that I have not wanted to plan anything or do anything.  Either I was too sick or had just received bad news from some test or lab work.  I received news that it was possible I had ovarian cancer just before a birthday.  On another birthday I was told that I had to have a biopsy on my breast because the mammogram and ultrasound showed something suspicious.  My birthday month has been a month I want to just skip over.

This year I decided that I was not having a mammogram or any major testing until after the first of the year.  I am going to have a birthday month that is stress free.  Of course I did have some stress preparing for the wonderful book blog tour getting my posts ready and planning my book launch party for the release of Allergic to Life.  But that was a stress I didn’t mind having.  It has been an exciting and wonderful month for me.  I have reconnected with so many people as a result of the book and my story.  One of those that I have reconnected with invited me to lunch yesterday at an outdoor café that I have been able to go to.  There is one item on the menu that I do okay with.  It was a lovely hour and a half visit.  I am blessed to have some of these wonderful people back into my life.

During my many posts I have talked about not having my photos and haven’t seen my mother’s photo albums in years.  My sister and I sat outside my mother’s house a few weeks ago and she put photos out for my sister and I to see.  I managed to take a quick snapshot of three of them with my camera.  Mom has promised me she will get them scanned so I can have copies printed.  You have seen pictures of me sick and I thought I would share some pictures when I was little and carefree.


My baby sister, my handsome dad, myself, and my Revlon doll.

My baby sister, my handsome dad, myself, and my Revlon doll.

I love this picture - My mom made my sister and I these outfits.  Mine was pink and hers was blue.

I love this picture – My mom made my sister and I these outfits. Mine was pink and hers was blue.


39 responses to “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. A very Happy Birthday to you , I hope you have a wonderful Healthy day!


  2. Happy Birthday Kathryn! You’ve given yourself the best, most positive, most memorable birthday present ever in your book. I won’t ask the nth birthday but I bet you’ll always remember this one – and in a good way for a change. 😀

    -hugs and best wishes-

  3. Catherine Johnson

    Awh lovely photos! Happy Birthday, Kathryn!

  4. princessandthepea1

    Happy Birthday!!

  5. Wow, Kathy! Another year and so much has happened that is exciting for you–a great book launch, a well-earned blog tour, blogging awards, and reconnection with friends though social events. I am SO happy for you. Happy Birthday!



  7. Happy birthday, Kathryn! I hope this year’s your best yet!

  8. Happy birthday, Kathryn! 😀

  9. Happy Birthday … You were one adorable baby 🙂 . I hope this year you get to celebrate a birthday were you feel amazing!

  10. Happy Birthday, and wishing you a healthy happy new year! I just so happen to be taking my good friend out to dinner tonight for her birthday so I will toast you too!

  11. Happy Birthday. I would sing to you but when my son was three he asked me to never sing Happy Birthday again. Hope your day was as amazing as your are.

    • Thank you Colleen. I can’t sing. We recently attended an outdoor birthday party for the daughter of friends who was turning 30. They said their family ritual was to sing Happy Birthday in the worst voice you could. I fit right in that night.


  13. Have a blessed day…well, at least for the last 30 minutes that’s left of it. I hope you have many, many more.
    PS: I’m still planning to buy your book; probably in January. I’d like to get a signed copy.
    Also, go to http://www.doctoroz.com click on the “MORE” tab. It has a place for being on the show, and one for how you feel. Maybe those will help or you’ll find an address you can use. Their show might not accept unsolicited material.

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes. I will check out the Dr. Oz stuff this weekend. I haven’t received my returned copy yet. I guess I need to go and track that too.

      When you are ready for a signed copy just go to my website.

  14. Happy belated birthday!

  15. Happy belated Birthday!

  16. Great pictures and great memories.

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