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Yesterday I did a “meet the author” at High Country Health Foods and Café.  I didn’t sell any books but I had the opportunity to speak to others about molds, chemicals, and food allergies.  I had someone talk about family members that had developed cancers and they were sure the environment played a role in it.  I had someone tell me that a friend suffered from something called Chronic Fatigue and I told her that was one of the diagnosis made on me.

The staff at High Country Health were wonderful and while I didn’t make any sales, I felt that I had the opportunity to share about this illness and my story.  I handed out book marks and samples of dish soap.  You never know whether any of this will equate sales through direct contact and conversation or through second-hand contact (something sharing my story with someone else).

16 responses to “Meet The Author

  1. That’s great you had the opportunity to speak with people! Some of them may go home, think about it, and then buy your book 🙂

  2. Thanks for getting information to the public. Every effort to communicate makes a difference. We need more people to be aware of the dangers of environmental toxins.


  4. I finished your book this weekend; wrote review on Amazon. I was quite taken aback about your journey…I had no idea! And to think there are so many people out there who suffer the same. I am grateful that we connected and I will do what I can to help spread the word. How about if you do a guest blog for me sometime?

    • Thank you for the wonderful review Karen. Thank you for helping spread the word and I will do the same about ovarian cancer. I would love to do a guest blog – just let me know when. I can do either a guest post or an interview answering questions. Because I had my own “ovarian cancer” scare, I would love to have you guest on my blog as well.

  5. You are educating people. You’ll never know how many sales you may have made with that education. You’ll also never know how many people you may have helped. Keep up the good work.

  6. You brought more awareness to the people coming into the store that day, whether you spoke with them or not. I agree with MCS Gal. You don’t know how many people you may have touched with your education. Broadening awareness – that’s a good step!

  7. Hi Kathryn 🙂 my heart is bursting open for you right now. You are amazing xx I hope you don’t mind me saying .. when i saw that photo of you sitting there with your mask on… I feel so proud of you for writing your book and doing all that you can to share your story & raise awareness. You are changing the world. I’m cheering for you, Kathryn! Thank you xx
    Wishing you health & happiness on your journey always xx Amelia

    I too am trying to fly the flag for EI/MCS, CFS & EHS, I’ve included some links below to tv, news media & web interviews about me.

    Recent web interviews

    TV interview/news last year

    • Thank you so much Amelia. I will be looking at your interviews this evening.

    • Amelia – I just read your interviews and watched the television interviews. My heart goes out to you and I encourage all my followers to take a few minutes to check out your links.

      • Hi Kathryn 🙂 thanks so much for taking the time to watch the TV interview & check out my links!
        It’s lovely to connect with you , thanks for the Facebook connect too. Although, I’ve just realised our paths must have crossed before on Planet Thrive as well… Small world!
        Love & light

      • You are very welcome Amelia. I can feel for what you are going through. Yes, our paths have probably crossed on Planet Thrive as well without us even knowing it. I will look for you there when I stop in.

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