How many have I converted?

At my book launch and  signing last month I gave out samples of my “safe products” thanks to some great donations from the companies that make them.  I have some extras and have been handing them out to people who say they have sensitive skin or allergies to certain products.

Magick Botanicals Gift Bags

Magick Botanicals Gift Bags

I have begun wondering.  Have I converted anyone?  If yes, how many?  Have any of these people given up some of their toxic products for safer choices?  I may contact those that got samples to see if any of them have actually tried the products.

Seventh Generation Dish Soap Samples

Seventh Generation Dish Soap Samples

17 responses to “How many have I converted?

  1. “How many have I converted?” I am sure far more then you will ever know Kathryn!!!!! And also I am sure you will pobably never know how much your support & kind words & sharing & prayers mean to your own MCS sisters!!! Thank you for the card I received in the main tonight!!! Love ya Sister!!!!!!

  2. Are you feeling better? Did you get any rest yet?

  3. I had a terrible reaction to Seventh Generation Dish Soap last week when began a new bottle of it. As I was reading the label the ingredients have changed and it now lists sodium lauryl sulfate. Sulfate is one of my big reactors and causes ANA reactions in me. Prior to this reaction had been using the Seventh Generation Free & Clear for 3 years. Now I am looking for SLS free safe soaps without glycerin or citric acid (which are usually derived from corn another bad one for me). Any suggestions?


    • Deb

      I just noticed that on the samples that I was sent and discovered that. I also checked the bottle I have in the kitchen and peeled back the label. It has it too. I haven’t reacted yet. So I am asking my followers. Does anyone know of other brands? I will do some research into other options. Have you contacted Seventh Generation to ask them why they changed their formulation?

  4. I actually make my own unscented soap and a lot of people like it. I bought a book from Amazon ‘The soapmaker’s Companioon’ by Susan Miller Cavitch. I give it to people in the family and also to people who have chemotherapy as the Baby Grand recipe has also been found good for washing hair. Strange thing I discovered is how many men use soap to wash their hair ! You can buy homemade type of soap unscented on ebay but I have not tried this. I even react to some essential oils and make mine scent free.

  5. I too use seventh generation — I will not be please if I react to this as well. To those looking for alternatives the website is great for listing the safety of products — maybe there will a safer alternative there. I don’t know how many you have converted — but I am glad you’re trying. Each person converted can affect so many others. My BFF now speaks out when she goes into stores that have scents being sprayed in them. Now that she has done without fragrances for me she has found she doesn’t like being around them at all. 🙂

  6. Hi Kathryn, We are going to remodel our dirty garage to be a mother-in-law or a safe rental OR where my husband and I might have to live if we decide to try to rent our house instead of sell it (having lost my job because of ME/CFS, we can’t afford the mortgage). I really want this to be a safe stricture for my chemical sensitivities and others’ if we rent it… Can you tell me where to start to find the best (and cheapest) safe building materials, paints etc? Thank you!!

    • Elizabeth – A lot of paints are now saying they are zero or low VOC. Back when I built my house (2003), we used Kelly Moore Eco-Care paint. A lot of people use AFM Safecoat but my husband didn’t want to order the paint and we bought this and did okay. It wasn’t cheap at the time. If you want to talk more about I used, you can contact me through my website (just hit contact at the top of my blog) and I would be glad to talk with you. I don’t have all the answers and we are all so different in what we tolerate.

      • Thank you so much! When the time comes to build, I may hit you up with a few questions just IN CASE you know. I’d love to be able to advertise it for rent as xxx insulation and xxx paint and xxx cleaning products used…. I’ve stayed in so many hotels which were horrific – and that was before I got sick and became REALLY sensitive.

  7. Oh my, that’s fantastic Kathryn. I love magic botanicals but have to order from the US. We can get Seventh Generation here, though. I love that you’ve done that, and I’m sure you have converted people just by raising awareness of the condition, Environmental Sensitivities. Being sensitive to chemicals is no fun, and it happens in so many varying degrees, that I’m no longer surprised when I meet others and they say, “Oh, this effects me.” Or, “Fragrance gives me a headache.”

    Miche x

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