Why is Holiday Cleaning so difficult?

Hi Everyone

I have been sort of MIA lately.  I decided that I couldn’t stand my messy house any longer.  My parents and sister are coming for Thanksgiving dinner.  I don’t have any grandma duties until after Thanksgiving either.  I made the smart or not so smart decision that I would clean my house starting this past Thursday (my last day of babysitting was Wednesday).  My goal was to have everything done by the end of the day today so that I could start a sewing project listening to Christmas music on my iPod, spend some time just watching Christmas movies, or read to my heart’s content.  So I am sitting here at the computer with a hot bean bag on my back, my left shoulder is killing me and I am not quite done.

Kitchen floor baseboards washed and tile floor scrubbed.

Living room floor baseboards washed and tile floor scrubbed.

Living room furniture dusted and glass table tops cleaned.

Cushion covers on living room furniture washed, dried and put back on.

Living room blinds dusted and windows cleaned.

All photo frames off living room tables so Christmas decorations can go up.

Hall way baseboards scrubbed and tile scrubbed.

Main bathroom baseboards washed, tile floor scrubbed, counter cleaned, toilet scrubbed and shower doors cleaned.

Master bathroom baseboards washed, tile floor scrubbed, counter cleaned, toilet scrubbed and shower doors cleaned.

Master bedroom vacuumed, floor scrubbed, and furniture dusted.

Office floor vacuumed, floors scrubbed, baseboards cleaned, and desk tops cleaned.

Playroom picked up.

Sauna/sewing room cleaned so I can do some sewing.

Huge box of pomegranites seeded and put away for making jelly later.

I am determined to get the office done tonight as soon as my back calms down a little.

The playroom and sauna/sewing rooms will be done tomorrow because there isn’t much to do in those room.  It is a good thing I have acupuncture tomorrow and massage therapy the next day.

Sometime tonight I will work on my catch-up Monday post.  So what are you all doing to get ready for the holidays?


21 responses to “Why is Holiday Cleaning so difficult?

  1. I decided to dust every room and piece of furniture in my condo last week. Didnt wear a mask. Bad move. Reacted for three or four days. Something so simple

  2. Posted on wrong page sorry – here is where it goes… I was only recently diagnosed with MCS and 70+ food allergies after spending 25 days in the hospital. I am looking forward to reading your blog…and after reading this post wondering how you clean at all? I mean what do you clean with? So far I am allergic to everything but water! Can you link me to past blogs here or offer thoughts???

    • No worries. I commented on the thank you post but here it is again just in case. First let me say how sorry I am that you are now a member of this club. I am able to use Seventh Generation products, baking soda and water, bon ami, and I have a machine that ozonates a bottle of water that I use to clean my floors and sanitize with. I will take a look this week and see if I have tagged my posts where I discuss cleaning with categories that make them easy to find. I have flagged my email notification of this post to remind me to do it this week.

  3. You got so much more done than I. I was going to clean most of the day yesterday but first I stopped to see a friend. We were having a great time till her husband forgot and starting cleaning something with Windex that sent me running from the house with streaks of pain shooting through my head and my throat got all tight. So I was done for most of the day. After reading your done list you’ve motivated me. I’m going to give it another try today. And now a little nudge in the backside Wonder Woman — why not ignore the rest of your list and rest up to enjoy your family’s company — it has been the hardest thing with MCS for me to admit I can’t do all I used to do and especially not as quickly as I used to. Happy Holidays. 😀

    • Colleen – I think you have hit the nail on the head. Sometimes I don’t want to admit that I can’t do it all or that my body is telling me to “STOP” despite the fact that I get done in three days what used to take me one. Oh, Windex is the worst. I recently had a slight whiff of it and felt horrible and the whiff was just the lingering chemicals on someone’s clothes who had just used it.

      You GO GIRL and I hope you get some of your cleaning done. I have decided that I will pick up a little in the sauna room – just enough to be able to set up the sewing table. That way when I have the energy and desire there won’t be as much to do before I can start a project. The playroom is only going to get a minimal picking up – just so I can walk into it. My grandson will be here in a week and have it a mess again anyway. I also can just close the door to the room and no one will even know. Time for me. Acupuncture this morning and massage tomorrow. I see reading and/or watching a good movie in my future this afternoon.

  4. I got tired and my back started hurting just reading your blog. Unfortunately all our family is up in MN (brrrr) so we are having a quiet Thanksgiving with friends and going to a golf resort so that someone else does the cleaning, cooking, and clean-up!
    Take it easy…enjoy the acupuncture and massage…stay well…and I wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving.

  5. We are going to be at home in our MCS safe home— & since we don’t allow anyone in our MCS safe home– it will be as clean or dirty as it is right now !!! 🙂 We plan on doing some different recipes this week– & I am still doing my baking soda & honey protocol -for natural cancer treatment & -trying to stay as alakline as possble– reading my body– but—- I don’t know if it is MCS– or what–after 12 days on the baking soda protocol– I know I still have problems– so we are still reading & deciding where we go from here- & praying for God’s direction– I am discouraged this morning– maybe missing how we celebrated the holidays– before health problems– maybe not knowing what to do– next– for health problems– Everyone enjoy Thanksgiving– in what ever way you celebrate– & don’t worry so much about your house– just enjoy— Love to each of you & also welcome to bohicalyme— as one more of our MCS sisters—– later Gators!!

  6. I read your list and thought about pulling my TENS unit out for MY shoulder 🙂
    You have accomplished a LOT.
    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your company.

  7. Wow! Good for you!
    But please don’t push yourself into injury!
    I am lucky (?) I have nothing but myself that I need to get ready for, so no worries about having to impress anyone.
    I did however do some dusting and floor washing last week until my rag rinsing hand gave out.
    As long as I don’t put my glasses on when I look away from the computer, everything looks just fine. 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thank you Linda. I am taking it easy for the rest of the week. I came home from acupuncture, sat with my embroidery hoop, and watched a movie. So the trick is to take off my glasses when evaluating the cleanliness of my house? I like that.

  8. That’s quite a task list.
    We had our Thanksgiving celebration yesterday (Tuesday) because my mother receives chemo today thru friday. Since everything we have is homemade, I know how the additional aches and pains feel. I have a heating pad especially made for wrapping around the shoulders and back of the neck. I had that on for much of the evening.

    • Sorry for your mom having to endure chemo. I bet you are glad though that the fuss is over. What kind of heating pad do you have for the neck and shoulders?

      • It’s a Sunbeam that I found at Walgreens. I bought two and use it almost daily because I have a lot of neck and shoulder pain. The heat really helps me. Here is one that is similar to what I have. It wraps around the shoulders and goes up the back of the neck:

      • Thank you for the link. I am going to have to check it out. I have a bean bag hot pack. I might also be able to make myself one with rice which would move easier and be less heavy. Or I may send my husband out to get one like this. It will have to be heated a few times probably before I am okay with it.

      • I previously had this microwaveable heat wrap. It was nice, but i got tired of having to keep heating it up.

        The Sunbeam is an electric heating pad. Do these aggravate your sensitivities? If you consider this, I learned from experience that an off brand (even a Walgreens brand) does not last as long as the brand name. My Sunbeam so far has outlasted two off-brands combined. (Yes, I use a lot of heat – LOTS of pain.)

        Also, have you tried epsom salt baths? I find for muscle pain, it helps, and is relaxing even though the relief is temporary. I use 2 cups in a bathtub and soak for 20 min. I do this about twice a week. My acupuncturist told me it’s best not to exceed 20 min.

      • My hot pack (beans) is handmade. I just don’t do well with the fabrics especially when they first get hot. I may have to get one and see how I do. Everything usually has to sit out and off gas for a bit and heat brings the chemicals out fast.

        Yes, I have tried Epsom salt baths. I just sometimes forget about them. I never really measured the Epsom salts out but will try the amount you use. I may do one tonight before going to bed. They really help me relax and my body will be nice and warm when I get into bed. I think the fact that my air mattress gets cold in the winter that I tend to curl up in odd ways to keep warm and that may adding to my shoulder and back issues.

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