RIP My Christmas Tree

Actually I should say REST IN PIECES.  I thought today I would be share you a picture of my lovely Christmas tree all decorated and lit up like this from last year.  IMG_0500_1

Instead, my tree looks like this.IMG_2172

I have been busy, busy, busy lately.  I was tired and not feeling 100% today.  I had put the tree up yesterday but was just too tired to add the lights.  So here is the crazy highlights of my day and the last day of my Christmas tree’s life.

  • I got the lights out and put them on the tree. It didn’t look right.  There were not enough lights.  How could this be?  It was fine last year.  So husband goes to town to get another string of lights even though I had already decided that I wanted a new tree next year complete with lights.
  • Husband gets home, we remove lights, plug in additional string and get lights on the tree.
  • I get all the decorations out and decorate the tree.  Just as I was about to snap a picture I realized my angel on top was missing so I found her and got her in place.  By this time I have decided that I should wait until I finish unpacking boxes and then take my snapshot.
  • As I am unpacking my boxes I discover the reason the lights don’t look right.  THEY ARE THE WRONG LIGHTS!  How could my husband and I not realize they aren’t the same as last year?
  • Husband and I remove all the decorations from the tree to put on my pretty lights
  • As husband is helping me remove the decorations for the first time and the lights for the second time, one of my beautiful glass decorations gets knocked to the floor and breaks in a million pieces (in my brain fog I had put it on my tree even though all the other glass ornaments are still in the box to keep from being dropped on my unforgiving tile floor).
  • My pretty lights are then put on the tree.  They look so much better than the 2 olds strings and the one new string that husband drove to town to get.
  • The final thing to do before putting all the ornaments and decorations on for the second time is to scoot it back into the corner (no sense decorating what you can’t see).  As husband is pushing tree into corner there is a very loud CRACK!!!
  • The stand started cracking and the tree began to lean.  He held the tree in place while I quickly pulled lights off the tree for the third time.

Bottom line is now I have to buy a tree.  My poor tree served me well for 12 years.  The only year it didn’t make it out was in 2003 when I arrived home from Dallas three days before Christmas and I had to tie a bow on an oscillating fan that year. I thought I would buy one at the end of this season and air it out.  I am hoping that the new treewill not be an issue for me.

So what is your Christmas Tree disaster story?

My new tree:

My New Tree

My New Tree

22 responses to “RIP My Christmas Tree

  1. Aack!

    This might help:
    How to Find a Non-toxic Artificial Christmas Tree

    Here’s another POV

    I have decorated branches, lamps and other things and had only one (real) tree in decades, because my mother bought it -she thought the kids needed it.

    Hope you find something that works for you.

  2. Also, if you Google “alternative Christmas trees” and click on images, there are some amazing ideas!

  3. Wow! What a great Christmas tree story. I so enjoyed it as I laughed and laughed. I know…I know…not funny, but couldn’t help it. I used to spend a whole weekend putting my tree up and decorating it with my three kids. Now that weekend of decorating is a memory we shall never forget. We’d laugh and sing while we decorated and we’d pop popcorn and string it while telling stories we all knew and made up. The aroma in the house smelled of a hot Christmas Stew we always made when we decorated the tree. It was great fun – then they grew up and I downsized to a smaller one and each year it got smaller and smaller until it is now one foot tall. Now this tree looks just like a big one; decorated with small little lights strung around it with a little Christmas decoration each person in the family, (18 now) bought or made and attached it to a string or wire…well yes indeed! All 18 pieces is now put on the little tree. We had an addition this year so now its 19 smiling faces around Grandmama and papa’s table…Oh, but I forgot to tell you that it is now two big tables. All dressed in linen table cloths, fine china, and the works. Yes, the holidays are a time of ALL the family getting together and singing and having a wonderful time together.

    pattimari Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 01:09:45 +0000 To:

    • Lovely Christmas memories Pattimari. It wasn’t funny when it happened but there is nothing I can do about it now. Congratulations on your addition to the family. I love hearing Christmas stories and stories of traditions old and new.

  4. Your tree was lovely; may she rest in peace. I got a new one this year with the lights attached. Great idea. We only have a 3-footer these days. Just enough for Kitty Midnight and her people parents to enjoy. She loves to play with the ornaments (no glass here) and will undoubtedly (as usual) have a tip-the-tree over in the process. Years ago, I gave all of our family ornaments to my daughters to enjoy. HAVE A HAPPY every day! 🙂

    • Thank you Bette. Yes she was lovely. I hope I can find one that was as lovely as the past and that doesn’t bother me. Most of my ornaments are new because there were so many things I couldn’t keep. I am working on a Happy “every day”.

  5. Before we sized down & moved to Branson– we lived in a lovely old three story home– & I decorated each level of the house with a tree in a different theme—as well as trees outside the house– Well — we retired & we sized down– & moved– & we now have table top trees— 4 of them this year— I love to buy small trees & decorate them & then donate them– last season we donated 7 small table top trees–( to those who needed) & I decorate them with old jewelry– left from my antique shops– this year– I bought 2 more table top trees to decorate– & they had toxic scents– so they have been on the front porch with other Christmas decorations– maybe after being outside all this season– & airing out– I can decorate them for next year & donate them!!!
    Your tree last year was beautiful— I know your tree this year will be beautiful — & I hope you recycle your old tree in some way!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! 🙂

  6. Three years ago we bought our first artificial tree ever. It was prettier than I expected and had lights already attached. We had to store it on the porch until it was needed again. Last year we set it up and plugged it in. A wide dark swath of blackness spiraled up the tree. Those lights were out and there was no way to replace them. I refused to buy another one so we added a lot more decorations to the dark areas. No one noticed. I still have not replaced the tree. If I do, it will be with a real one.
    Not a major disaster, but it was enough to be annoying. I may have to buy more decorations this year if anymore lights are out!

  7. It is not polite to laugh at someone else’s bad experience, but I could not help it. This read like a “I Love Lucy” skit! We have been using artificial trees for MANY years, but they have gotten smaller for the same reasons as the other commenters have said.The old memories with the kids are always there, and now my husband and I are creating “the golden years” memories.

  8. Oh how I can relate to this! Busy doesn’t even begin to describe the last few weeks…and by the way our tree is up with lights, but no decorations. I guess there’s always this weekend, eh? 🙂 Great post!

  9. I had to laugh. Next year you and your husband can join everyone else in the laughter.
    We have an artificial tree with lights already attached and it has gotten a lot of use. Each year it has been getting darker as individual strands of lights stop working. Each year we say we are going to get a new tree – it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe this year will be the year.
    Enjoy your new tree.

  10. My husband had a little baby tree he kept in his room as a kid, and he brought it with him when we got our first place. Of course, being a little boy, this poor tree is on its last leg. The lights still work, so we’ve been propping it in a corner each year and decorating with little homemade baubbles. Once that became too sad I insisted we find ourselves a big tree and he insisted we keep the little snaggle tree too. Well whatever. We went to a thrift shop and bought this tree that comes apart branch by branch. And of course when we got home, it took up most of our little one room apartment. It looked so much smaller at the store!

    So we pushed it against the couch, and put branches on around that, which ended up having the couch in this tree-cave with ornaments brushing the tops of our heads. I actually kind of liked how weird it was.

    Oh, and the little sad tree? We put cat toys on it, and our cat knew right away it was for her. She stayed under that tree until January, it was her favorite place in the house.

  11. I just updated this post with a picture of my new tree.

  12. Love your new tree– Sis—- very pretty!!!!!! 🙂

  13. Wow what a carry on. Were there any swear words being uttered? lol. The new tree is gorgeous though, so at least it worked out okay in the end. :p

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