Thank You

I have had an amazing number of new followers since I posted this Thank You. Again, I want to thank all of you new to my blog and encourage you to feel free to comment and ask questions. I also want to thank all of my loyal followers, many who have been following me since I first started this blog over a year and a half ago. It warms my heart to know that so many have appreciated what I have to say and talk about.


I have noticed today that I have several new followers to this blog.  I would like to take a moment to welcome you and say thank you.  Please feel free to comment on blog posts and ask questions. 

You will see that I have a great group of followers who are amazingly helpful as well.

To all of you, both new and long-time followers, I say thank you for wanting to learn more about my story and environmental and chronic illness.  Your support and encouragement mean a lot to me.

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2 responses to “Thank You

  1. Thank you…I have recently been diagnosed with CIRS-WDB…my exposure came at work…I am still trying to figure out how to live and not feel like Im in a complete bubble!

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