My Glass Is Selling For How Much? Revisited

For quite some time I looked for something fun to keep my water and tea cold.  I loved these:

This was like most that I saw.

And this one was fun looking.

But I really didn’t want plastic even if it was BPA free.  I thought I would never find one until I spotted this from Starbucks last summer.

My Starbucks Glass.
My Starbucks Glass.

It is double walled and does not sweat.  The tumbler and straw are both stainless steel.  The plastic tumblers sell for around $7 to $9.  This one was $19.95.  I had to have it and remember it saying limited supplies left.  I grabbed it up and have been using it daily since.  When I began thinking about this for my post I looked for my tumbler on-line so that others could get one if they chose.  I found out when going to the Starbucks online page that this was a limited edition for 2012 and is no longer available.  Not letting that discourage me, I did an online search for it.  What I discovered made me wish I had bought more at the time.  This Starbucks Limited Edition tumbler was being sold privately from between $80.00 and $125.00.  That is absolutely crazy!!  I guess I better guard this as if it were made of gold.

What do you use to keep your drinks cold?  Have you found any other glasses like this that are not made of plastic?

Tonight I was looking at the Starbucks site and found this:

Stainless Steel Cold Cup - Rose Gold, 16 fl oz

It is all stainless including the straw for $19.95.  I need to have someone check our local Starbucks to see if they have it in the store.

9 responses to “My Glass Is Selling For How Much? Revisited


    our daughter is the Starbucks poster child lol she has the 1st cup and the 2nd they have here. pics to follow of her SB Christmas tree  

  2. I think I’d sell the one you’ve got. Buy a new one and pocket the difference. Today we’re in the middle of a lake effect snow band so all I can think about are warm drinks. Hopes it’s balmy where you are. 😀

  3. You can order this cup online at and and it’s at most Starbucks franchise stores I’ve been to in my area of Canada anyway! The inside of the lid has BPA free plastic on it but the tumbler and straw are all stainless steel

  4. pardon my typos…I typed too fast!!!

  5. The last one has a fantastic color and a nice shape.

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