I am still here!

Hi everyone

I am still here. I have been spending time with my family which includes my daughter here from Texas who I most likely won’t get to see again until the end of the summer. She is starting her Master’s Thesis and still finishing up classes. She can’t come home and it is impossible for me to go there. I have spent every minute possible with her for the past week and a half.

She left this morning and I am keeping myself busy and from being sad by taking down my tree, packing up the Christmas dishes, doing fun household chores like laundry and getting my office cleaned and organized for 2014. With all the craziness of my book launch and doing so much this past month with promotions and giveaways, everything else took a back seat.

I am exhausted but very happy to have had my family around me for Christmas. Regular posts (have lots to talk about) should be starting very soon.

Yesterday I drove my younger daughter (the one from TX) to visit her sister and nieces and nephew. While there my granddaughter decided that we should all play in the bounce house.

Tx daughter and granddaughter

Tx daughter and granddaughter

Playing in the bounce house with my granddaughter.

Playing in the bounce house with my granddaughter.






I also managed to learn to knit some beautiful scarves during December.  I may include some of these for the children’s hospital for the young girls along with the quilts that I have neglected working on the last few months.

Me modeling a scarf I gave away for Christmas.

Me modeling a scarf I gave away for Christmas.

The scarves up close.

The scarves up close.


4 responses to “I am still here!

  1. HI, Catherine. So glad that you’re having a wonderful time! I’ve just nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger award and thank you so much for inspiring and supporting me, my friend. You’ll find out all about it at http://4writersandreaders.com/2013/12/29/super-sweet-blogger-award/ Have a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year! Blessings, Bette


  3. Thank you for sharing this post! I just sat here like a fool smiling and cooing over your sweet family photos!

    Happy New Year! wishing you good health, happiness and more smiles.

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