Can Perfume Make You Sick?

For most of you who follow my blog, you already know my answer to this.  You have heard me talk about it many times including a post I wrote, Layers of Fragrance.  From the time a person gets up in the morning (and probably more so with women), they are putting layer upon layer of fragrances on their skin and at the same time adding chemical after chemical which is absorbed through the skin.  From the shower products, to the lotions and perfumes, to the laundry soaps and fabric softeners or dry cleaned clothes, and lastly their perfumes or cologne, all those chemicals are slowly poisoning their bodies.

Their answer is that they smell nice and they like the way their shampoo leaves their hair smelling or the lotion leaves their skin smelling.  They haven’t become sick (Or Have They?) so why give up these wonderful delicious smelling products.  I say that they are having health issues that are not sending big signals that they are aware of.  They may be having big health issues that their doctor isn’t able to figure out the cause of so they are given medications.

Thanks to a recent Facebook by my dear friend Jennie Sherwin, I read this article from Prevention.  It just repeats what many of us who suffer from chemical sensitivity (MCS) have been saying for some time.  The chemicals in all these products are indeed making us sick.  Thank you Jennie for sharing this.


12 responses to “Can Perfume Make You Sick?

  1. Sorry…I’m having trouble getting into my wordpress so if you got this twice, please excuse. I wrote> Kathryn, I enjoy all that you post and find it full of good info. Thank you.

  2. Reblogged this on quirkywritingcorner and commented:
    The prevent article link is worth reading.
    It’s well known that a potent cologne is obnoxious to smell, but how many of us consider whether it makes us ill?

  3. Perfumes absolutely can cause immune system reactions. My understanding is that they do so in everybody, but for most of us the threshhold is below detectability. For those for whom it’s not, life can be extremely difficult because we’re barraged with the stuff in many products, even in just walking down the street in crowds.

    • I recall once shopping in a mall and woman came up toward me looking at some blouses and she had on so much perfume that I instantly got a headache, and couldn’t stop sneezing for the longest. I had to leave the store.

    • Absolutely Matthew. They are bad and affect everyone just not as acutely as those whose threshold (for whatever reason) is much lower. I am really angry at those commercials that tout the wonderful stuff that will keep your laundry “smelling fresh” for six weeks or something like that. There are going to be many more of us out there at the rate the chemical industry is going. We are just the tip of the iceberg. One day, and I don’t think it is too far in the future, there are going to be many many more of us.

      • I agree, Kathryn. There are so many chemicals out there. Perfumes used to be a little bothersome, but the last couple years, especially the last couple months, it has gotten worse, and I don’t know why. I can’t go in a lot of stores at the malls without having reactions, or through the laundry soap isle. I use many fragrence free, but its hard to find . Workplace has become difficult. Many people all wearing fragrence or using scented lotions, even though it was advised not wear fragrence. People don’t understand, unless they are dealing with it. But, interestingly, a lit of people there have a lot of different health problems. I now have food sensitivities as well.

      • I am sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time Beth. There is a barrel theory. That once our barrels are full, cracks start forming and we become ill.

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