How to Make Your Home Less Toxic on a Budget: Part 2 Laundry

How to make your home less toxic part 2 posted by my friend Colleen at Living in the City with a Future. Thank you for including me.

Life in the City with a Future

Here are some links to articles about alternative non-toxic and cheap ways to do laundry:

Article Covering The Toxicity for Laundry Products — And Cheap Alternatives. This article also includes the “how” that companies can legally put toxic chemicals in our products and not disclose them. (Mother Earth Living)

List of non-toxic options for removing stains. (Biodwell blog)

Detoxing New Clothes (The Labyrinth Blog)

Detoxing New Clothes (Allergic to My Life Blog)

Safely Doing Laundry (Allergic to My Life)

Natural Cleaners (including laundry) (Sensitive to Chemicals Blog)

Sonda’s Blog referred me to a lot of other great resources. She uses Dr. Bonners (castile soap) and vinegar.

I put the links first because this blog post is about getting the information out there as quickly as possible. Many of these techniques or products I have not personally tried. As I stated in my first post — people with MCS react differently…

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