How to Make Your Home Less Toxic on a Budget: Part 4 Toilets and Drains

Thank you Colleen for this lovely series.

Life in the City with a Future

I’m going to warn you the earth science teacher in me is going to come out in full force today. I know I am blessed. I am personally surrounded by more fresh water than probably 99% of the people on the planet. Within ten miles of me are creeks, ponds, an aquifer (underground lake), Lake Neahtawanta, Oswego River and Lake Ontario.

What’s not such a blessing is what gets dumped into these water sources. I’ve toured the sewage treatment facility — gross. I put drains and toilets together for a reason: it is easy to watch the “bad” stuff get swept away never to be thought of again. Unless of course you pause and think for a moment where does water come from. Basically, all the water we have on this planet is the same water that has been here for millions or billions of years. You could have in…

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