How to Make Your House Less Toxic on a Budget: Part 4 Perfume/Cologne

One of the most toxic things there is. I was walking outdoors today and someone walked by and about knocked me over with their perfume. This cannot be stressed enough – DO NOT WEAR PERFUMES OR COLOGNES – THEY ARE NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU.

Life in the City with a Future

This post should be the shortest of all. Perfume/cologne is made in a lab often using a number of toxic chemicals. Stop buying it and you will reduce the toxins in your home and you will save money.

Still reading, huh? Well, I personally can’t come up with one good reason to wear perfume/cologne but I can come up with one great one to STOP wearing it — I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) and other people’s fragrances are killing me. Still not convinced to stop — here are a few more.

Pheromones — naturally secreted chemicals that have an effect on others in your species. In short, trust me if you are attracted to another person’s pheromones you will never want them to cover up that scent with a lab produced toxic stew of chemicals.

Altruism — what could be done if the money spent on perfume/cologne was spent on…

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