Critical Day 3: The aftermath

Hello everyone.  Critical Day 3 ended yesterday.  No more lamb required.  I can go back to eating normally with the exception of the foods that I have gained through the LDA (low dose antigen) process.  I still can’t have my almonds, lettuce, tomatoes, oats, etc.).

I got up this morning to the thought of NO MORE LAMB!  However, there was still some ground lamb left.  At $9.00 a pound I wasn’t going to throw it out so I had a patty with an egg.  The egg was delicious – the lamb just didn’t do it for me today.  Unfortunately there is still a good amount of lamb stew left over.  It doesn’t freeze well and I can’t throw food out.  My husband and I will both have stew for lunch.  Tonight will be beef, chicken, pork, or anything but lamb!

I am still dealing with a headache and being discombobulated.  I also still have itchy arms.  More information about my LDA this go around can be found here, here, and  here.

I hope you are all having a good day.  Me, I need to go and rest and let my head calm down.  I came into the office to do a little bit and have been in front of the computer far longer than I thought I would be or needed to be.

10 responses to “Critical Day 3: The aftermath

  1. THANKS FOR THE REPORT— I AM ALWAYS “discombobulated.” !!!!! 🙂

  2. Great! Now perhaps things will be better. I am so impressed with you!

  3. Kathy:
    Hope your arms are feeling better. Thanks for all the help in setting up my blog despite your itchiness!!!

  4. Ha, begween my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, my fibro, and my Lyme I am also always discombobulated. Yes, Kathryn, I agree that we should be considered the normal ones, and the non-discombobulated people … well, we will have to put them to work doing our taxes or alphabetizing our supplements, right? LOL. Sorry you are still itchy and headachey, but happy you don’t have to eat any more lamb!

  5. I’m glad it is behind you. I hope you got some rest. I know what you mean about the “state of being” — when I get a rare few moments that I feel normal — it really feels like what I imagine people high on drugs feel — all that energy, no pain, no itching, no anxiousness. Have a great night.

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