Lunch with the authors

In July I posted a blog titled, “Talking About Published Authors” .  (July seems like years ago and yet it has only been six months.)  So much has happened since my post in July.  My book became available, I have had a book launch party, I did a “Meet The Author” at a health food store near my daughter’s home, and most recently I became Membership Director for Rave Reviews Book Club (an online book club).

Before all these things happened I was invited by Pattimari and Peter to join an online group of authors, PNP Authors.  I was welcomed into this group by an amazing group of people.  The blog post “Talking About Published Authors” features links to an interview Pattimari did with me and a blog post she wrote featuring me and my book.  We have contacted each other and worked together back and forth via the PNP Author website and email.  We had never talked on the phone or met in person.  A few days ago I received an email from Pattimari saying that she and Peter would be in town and invited my husband and I to lunch.  She also asked that I bring them a signed copy of Allergic to Life.

Of course I was very excited to finally get the opportunity to meet these wonderful people in person.  There is one cafe in town where I have been able to dine outdoors and they have one item on the menu that I have been able to tweak to suit my allergies.   I went ahead to get us a table and my husband would join us there.  I arrived at the cafe and my jaw dropped.  I hadn’t been there in quite some time.  I forgot that they put up a tent in the outdoor seating area to allow more customers to eat there during the winter months.  I couldn’t dine in there because all the chemicals and fragrances would be trapped in the tented area.  I went inside wearing my lovely charcoal mask and waited to be assigned a table.  I pointed to a couple of tables in the back of the courtyard outside of the tent and asked if we could sit there.  The answer was no because there was only one way in and out of the tent and that was through the cafe itself.  I began to worry about what I was going to do.  We had people coming from out-of-town to have lunch with us and my options were gone.

The hostess being the resourceful person that she was had a solution.  She opened up the gate to the courtyard and brought out two small tables and four chairs and set them up on the sidewalk area in front of the Cafe.  She came in an out of the cafe to serve us and check on us.  What a wonderful young woman!

Lunch with Pattimari & Peter

Lunch with Pattimari & Peter

This just goes to show how creative and kind the staff are at Toni’s Courtyard Cafe.

11 responses to “Lunch with the authors

  1. This article leaves me speechless. It was such a warm loving post for Kathryn to have written and something I was planning on doing myself. In fact, it touched me so deeply that I posted it on PnPAuthors for all the writers to see.

  2. What a wonderful example of what compassionate people do for each other. And that owner is a smart businesswoman. I am so glad you have a place where you can eat out, even if the restaurant has to accommodate your needs if necessary. Blessings, Jennie

  3. Your blog taught me another lesson about people with chemical allergies. I thank the owners of the restaurant for their graciousness and willingness to accommodate your needs.

  4. With a little creativity and the willingness of the restaurant staff, you were able to have a great lunch. Glad it worked out for you.

  5. Wow! Now THAT’S a great hostess. I would have been running for a manager on that one, glad she was quick on her feet!

  6. I still need to make a stop by there and make sure the owner knows how wonderful I was treated. Hmmm – Maybe I should do it this week.

  7. Reblogged this on Be My Guest and commented:

    It has been wonderful to have so many great things happen since I began writing Allergic to Life.

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