Rave Reviews Spotlight Author Tour Continues

Jennie I am thrilled to have been able to host my wonderful and longtime friend.

Jennie Sherwin

Thank you note

jhp4f226e8a425f81.jpgWednesday is Day Four of my week as the Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author. This has been an exciting few days for me as my fellow authors at Rave Reviews promote me and my book Intentional Healing… to the world. I have met so many fellow authors who Tweet about every topic imaginable, gained new followers to my fledgling blog, and continued to pick up Twitter followers. And I continue to be amazed by the writing of the author bloggers who are out there! I thank each and every one of the people who have signed up to follow my blog, retweeted or favorited the Tweets promoting me as Spotlight Author, or taken the time to comment. For those who may have missed stopping by any of the bloggers who are hosting me this week, I am listing the blog sites below. Thanks again!

Marlena Hand – @mlh42812LIFE AS I KNOW IT


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One response to “Rave Reviews Spotlight Author Tour Continues

  1. Kathy: Thank you for reblogging my post. What a great deal of support from everyone at Rave Reviews. This is a must-join club for authors. Jennie

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