Money, Masks and MCS

This is just one more thing to think about when having to go to the bank or anywhere that a mask puts into the suspicious character category.

Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution

Here is yet another way petro-chemical and wireless pollutants and policies create barriers to access, barriers that personal actions and responsibility alone cannot overcome…

Background: Michellina  wrote about her masked experiences on her blog The-Labyrynth, which inspired Colleen to write about her mask breakthrough on her blog Life in the City with a Future, which inspired me to share her link and post on the subject here, which then inspired Suki to chime in here adding her experiences, as well as a link to some really great resources from from The (US) National Center for Independent Living on environmental health barriers to access, which links back here to one of my  posts! And here’s an example of just how prevalent fragrance chemicals are.

And then… my friend Melody posted this photo, which brings up another issue:

How can we have access to our money when wearing disability…

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2 responses to “Money, Masks and MCS

  1. OMG, the thought of going into a bank makes me feel nervous. Just the other day, I rang first to tell them I was coming because we have moved and it’s a new branch for me. Once they know you, it’s okay. But I always go to the same teller. I do feel sorry for the people in line though. Some look horrified.

    I have more to say on this subject of wearing a mask, however, I am having days where i’m not well and can’t do much but luckily I have good days too: I’m averaging 3 good days a week, which is better than the last 2 years of being sick every single day. It’s the fresh air, I tell you!

    So glad others are talking about this.

    Thanks for the repost x

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