The Respiratory Crud Finally Caught Up With Me

This is going to be short.  I started coughing yesterday evening.  Today I have spent most of the day in bed with a cough, a headache, a fever, and bean bags wrapped around me to feel warm.

I had big plans this weekend.  I was going to get some writing done and some sewing projects done as well.  I was feeling melancholy because my daughter and her family are heading for Disneyland tomorrow.  I so wanted to go and am envious that the other grandma gets to go.  Being sick is taking away from that melancholy at the moment.  I don’t have time to feel bad because I can’t be there because I can barely stay focused as it is now.

I am heading back to my bed.  I took my Kindle to bed in hopes of reading but have read very little because I can’t stay focused.  I took a tablet to bed to do some writing or make notes and the pad is right where I placed it.  I have some compounded acetaminophen for the fever but there isn’t much left in my jar and it would take a while to get more.  I am being sparing with it.  After all, isn’t it good for your body to fight any way???

I guess the virus is bigger than me and no matter how determined I am to get something done, the virus is winning the battle.

I hope you are all well as I type this.  Good night.

26 responses to “The Respiratory Crud Finally Caught Up With Me


  2. Feel better soon, Kathryn!

  3. Sorry, sorry Kathryn! Best for you not to worry about anything except getting better. xxxx

  4. So sorry!! Praying you recovery quickly! Rest up! I wish I could send you some chicken soup virtually.

    • Oh, chicken soup would be lovely. The only way I would have some today is if I stayed out of bed long enough to make it and I don’t see that happening. I remember the days when I would just heat up a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. If it were only that easy.

  5. Get well soon. 🙂

  6. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Yes it’s “good”…to a point, to let the fever do it’s job to kills the bugs, also OK to take tylenol if that fever is creeping up too high. I wonder if this has something to do with the bee sting? Either your body recovering from that or a bit of a flu bug had the opportunity as your body was busy dealing with the sting.

    It can be so hard to hear of people doing fun ‘regular’ everyday things. I mean it’s great they can, but just a reminder that we can’t. Harder to hear when you are feeling worse than usual too.

    I have a Disney weakness too though…almost like a dream…when I’m better I can go again to the happiest place on earth, be a kid again and have FUN.

    Just really need a break from all of this 24/7 health hassle and of course we can’t ever get one. Partly due to health condition AND partly due to the costs you mentioned, vacations aren’t something that fit in the allergy budget and as I’m rounding my 17th year of this it’s something I, and my family, really really need (break/vacation)!!

    Hope you are feeling better very soon!

    • I had a difficult time with my IV on Wednesday. I infiltrated on my right hand and my doctor who is better than anyone getting into my veins couldn’t get one after two tries on my left. He was asking what was going on because we haven’t had this kind of difficulty in YEARS. Later that day I thought about the bee sting and it was that night I began coughing. Hmmm sure makes me wonder. My daughter sent me a text of all of them in the car on their way to Disneyland. I was glad she did and I was unhappy at the same time. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. I am determined to find a way to go one day.

  8. PS Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well. I didn’t even realize it was Valentine’s Day until I received a text from younger daughter who lives out of state. Oh, my brain is betraying me. I just want to write or do something even if I have to just lie propped up in bed. But it just does not want to work.

  9. Oh no! This terrible bug seems to be getting to everyone! A favorite comfort and healthy thing for me is to drink herbal tea with honey…stay in bed…sleep/rest. Prayers that you get better soon.

  10. Take care of yourself.

  11. Kathy: Rest as much as you can. Tea with honey sounds great. Do you take, or have you ever taken, homeopathics? Can you tolerate them? Hope you start feeling better soon. Jennie

  12. I have tried homeopathics and they cause more respiratory issues. I am just going to have to struggle through this. My fever is back over 100 (100.4). Came in to take a nebulizer treatment and then crawling back into bed with my heat bean bags to keep me warm.

  13. Sorry to read that you aren’t feeling well😂

  14. Sorry about Disneyland. It’s not fair is it. 😦 That’s one of the things I’ve always had a hard time accepting: not being able to do nearly as many things as I used to or as everyone else does. It gets lonely being left out of so much.

    Big hugs. xxx

  15. I know the feeling. But I’m glad you’re giving in to rest – your body’s usually right about what it needs. Remember that resting is work because you’re healing and fighting and all that. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better now!

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