Unmasking Mast Cell Disease: An Interview With a Fighter and Survivor

When I was really sick and sitting in yet another waiting room waiting for a scan of my sinuses, I decided to read a magazine. That is when I first learned of Mastocytosis (a mast cell disease). Then when in Dallas a met a woman and her son who both had the disease.

We can choose to be happy despite our illnesses or we can choose to be miserable. At some point in all my illness, I finally decided I was going to be the survivor and not the victim. How courageous Brynn is. Bless her and her family.

The Other Courtney

I saw her photos on Instagram and was immediately drawn to them. We had a lot in common, it seemed. We both owned chocolate labradoodles, had anaphylactic allergies, and lived in the Carolinas. The more I got to “know” Brynn Duncan, however, I realized that while we did have things in common, our lives were nowhere near similar.

Her photos were captivating and touching



But equally heartbreaking


I started feeling sympathy for this girl I had never actually met, and only interacted with in the form of “likes” and Instagram comments. The more I read about her constant anaphylactic reactions, hospital visits, feeding tubes, and seizures, the more curious I became about what type of illness she was dealing with.  As someone who has anaphylactic allergies and knows the physical, mental, and emotional toll they take on a person, I could hardly comprehend a disease that causes spontaneous anaphylaxis, sometimes…

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