I have trigeminal neuralgia why is eye pain bad?

This was a search engine question that led someone to my blog recently.  I have talked about it before in another post entitled Mold-Trigeminal Neuralgia.

I am posting an image that shows the nerve and its roots.  As you can see, the nerve goes right near the eye.  This explains the reason behind the eye pain of the person who was looking for answers.  It also explains why someone suffering from trigeminal neuralgia is in such acute pain.  While I deal with some level of pain daily (today because I am having sinus issues the level is about a 5), thankfully I haven’t had a really bad flare up in a while.  I feel the pain along all the yellow lines shown in the diagram.  It feels like someone is stabbing an ice pick in my eye.  My teeth can hurt, my jaw hurts, my left ear hurts, I hurt along the left side of my nose and underneath my left eye as well.  For a very long time I lived on pain medication.  Pain medication in order to just get out bed and shower, pain medication to calm it down during the day so I could continue to function, and pain medication at night so I could go to sleep.  Then I became sensitized to the medication and it began making me sick.  I use hot packs on my face because cold packs seemed to make it worse.  I use acupuncture and acupressure.  I irrigate my sinuses with warm water to calm the enraged nerves and tissue.  If it is really bad I take a compounded acetaminophen tablet to calm it a little.

File:Gray778 Trigeminal.png

For those who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia, you have my deepest sympathy.  Have any of you been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia?

7 responses to “I have trigeminal neuralgia why is eye pain bad?

  1. I do not suffer from this, but you do an excellent job describing the symptoms for someone on a Google search. I feel extremely bad (and sorry for myself) if I have a headache, toothache, earache. I’m humbled by the pain that those of you have this must endure. My heart truly goes out to you.

  2. Reblogged this on sondasmcschatter and commented:
    I HAVE NEVER BEEN “diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia”— BUT YOU JUST DESCRIBED THE PAIN I HAVE LIVED WITH FOR YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! But of coarse you know I avoid doctors like the plaque!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes. I has this 5 years ago. Chronic sinus pain is what led to it… Inflammation! Now that I eat paleo/ AIP it’s a non-issue. Praise God!!

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