Keep Reaching with Kathryn Treat

I want to thank Bruce A. Borders for allowing me to be a guest blogger today.

Bruce A. Borders

Please welcome Kathryn Treat as my guest blogger today. Kathryn is the author of Allergic To Life: My Battle For Survival, Courage, and Hope. The book is an inspiration; a story of hope, and Kathryn’s courage is impressive!

“It is a book of survival for anyone who has battled against chronic illness each day.”


Keep Reaching

I am honored that Bruce has invited me to write a guest blog post today.  I tossed and turned on what my topic today would be. Would I write about my book and my illness? Would I write about what it is like to suddenly have written a book? Or would I write about the amazing opportunities that have been afforded me since writing the book?

After pondering all this for some time, I realized that I wouldn’t have written a book nor had all the amazing opportunities afforded to me if my…

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