A brighter smile!

I don’t know if my smile is really any brighter but at least my teeth are clean and inspected.

This morning I drove across town to my regular dentist (my biological dentist is 45 minutes away so I only use him when I need work done on my teeth).  My appointment was at 7:45 a.m.  I arrived on time and was taken into the room they use for me.  It is a little further away from the other exam rooms.  The paper guard was placed over my chest and I was told that my hygienist would be in soon.

I sat there with my mask on waiting until I had to remove it to get my teeth cleaned.  I now make it a point to go every six months even if it does make me feel bad.  If I had been going regularly the chances that I would never have had to have my molar pulled last fall would have been better.

My hygienist walked into the room and said to leave my mask on until she had everything assembled.  She told me that she had not put on any perfume and then asked another tech where the pumice they use for me (unflavored).  She made sure she was wearing latex-free gloves and began my cleaning periodically asking if I was doing okay.

Once we were done, she told me to put my mask back on until the dentist could come in and examine my teeth.  I did and sat and waited.  He walked in shortly after and started to grab gloves, another tech grabbed him quickly and reminded him that he had to use latex-free gloves and then gave him the correct box.  He also made certain to tell me that he and the entire office staff were not wearing perfumes or cologne.  Mask removed, he examined my teeth and said that they all looked fine and recommended as my other doctors have that I not remove the remaining mercury amalgams unless I have problems….no need to stir up a hornets nest he said.

Once finished I walked up to the front desk to schedule my next six-month appointment.  While she was looking for the date she told me that one of the girls had sent a text to all the office staff to remind them of wearing perfumes/cologne.

Yes my lungs hurt by the time we were done and I coughed all the way to the car and sat in the car coughing and gagging for a while before I felt okay to drive home.  But I would have been far worse without the extra special care the staff took to not expose me any more than necessary.

Do you have such a dentist?

9 responses to “A brighter smile!

  1. Reblogged this on sondasmcschatter and commented:
    OUR MCS SIS KATHRYN ASKS: “Do you have such a dentist?”
    OH—- I WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kathy: I am so glad you found a dentist and an office where they will accommodate your needs for a scent-free experience. We have found a wonderful, biological dentist in Baltimore who has been a leader in environmental dentistry. He, Dr. Michael Baylin, and his office offer alternative therapies, such as oxygen treatments and infrared heat after surgery. Everyone is unscented. He uses biologically compatible materials. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have a dentist like him so close by. I found him by doing a Google search for environmentally friendly dentists. Good luck to all of your readers in finding a compassionate dentist! Jennie

  3. No I don’t have a dentist like that. The new dentist that took over didn’t want to accommodate my needs so I have not been in a while — sad to say. I’m glad you have found someone. 😀

  4. I don’t think I have even thought of a biological dentist. thanks

  5. I have both a biological dentist who does any necessary work on my teeth but his nearly an hour away. So for cleaning and routine check ups I stay in town (at least as long as I have a dentist and staff so willing to work with me).

  6. I put off going to the dentist because I feel clobbered after the visit. They do accommodate me but I have to wait outside until they take me quickly through the waiting room to the back. After my appointment, I rush out of the office. All business matters have to be handled over the phone – the exam area is okay, it’s the office area that is so bad for me. I’m glad you have found a dentist and a biological dentist that work for you.

  7. I understand. They see me at 7:45 before others arrive and I go directly into the room. I just don’t want to have to pull another tooth because I neglected something that was bothering me.

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