Your illness doesn’t define you –your strength & courage does!!

Sonda, this is a wonderful post. I am sitting here nursing a sick tummy. Woke up yesterday morning to the stomach flu or should I say it woke me up. I just posted some lovely quotes on bravery and courage from my friend Jen…at Jen’s thoughts. This post fits in with that. Because as much as our illness and new found limitations, at some point we have to quite letting it define who we are. Well said. BRAVO! And since I cannot manage to get my thoughts together for my own post today, I am sharing yours as well. I am discovering a plethora of wonderful posts to share. Usually I save them by flagging my email and then posting later but I can’t rely on my memory today. lol



YES— my Oxygen generator is still broke—- so I’m still not snorting Oxygen!!!!

Today is my first day back in my office in my MCS Safe home– since the middle of Oct.!! Kind of seems strange!! Still chemicals in the MCS safe home from the new roof!!! My office seems the worst– it is down stairs off the sun-room–& it seems to have collected more chemicals or else the air purifiers– –etc- etc– just didn’t reach my office as well!!! BUT I have a crack in the door– & fresh air coming inside!!!

I tried to catch up on e-mails– but there are tooooooooooo many— I would have answered more– BUT I had to enter the Publisher’s Clearing House contest–  🙂   since no one that I know of –who has MCS won the big lottery— OH– My we MCS sisters have all talked about all we could do to help others–with…

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