Happy Mother’s Day 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who follow and visit my blog and especially my mother and my daughter.

For Mom

My mother has always been my inspiration.  She worked hard when I was very little to help make ends meet. She went back to work again when my dad was injured and off work to pay the bills and make sure we had enough to eat.

My mother spent a long summer with my sister and I away from home caring for my grandmother, her dying mother, who had cancer.  She never gave up and pushed forward caring for grandma, keeping grandpa occupied and managing to keep my sister and I occupied and busy.

When I got older, mom taught me how to sew and cook.  Mom is an excellent seamstress who can make anything from clothing to first class pleated draperies.  I got my crafty talent and developed my love of sewing from my mom.

As years went by dad became disabled from a back injury and mom again worked to help out.  Mom retired and she and dad traveled until the Parkinson’s began and dad’s heart also became an issue. Their traveling stopped.

Her life got more complicated because that was about the time I became ill and she was there to do errands or whatever I needed without ever questioning my illness or my sanity.  Dad’s illness has become much more debilitating over the last few years.  My dad is tall and strong (at 6’4″).  My mom is short and petite (5’2″ and weighing in at barely 100+ pounds).  Dad’s shaking is controlled by a deep brain stimulating device but it does not help with his legs and his falling.  Dad falls several times a day and my mom is right there to help him up.  When she can’t she calls my sister or my husband or 911 for help.  My mom is so inspiring because despite all that she deals with on a daily basis, she is there for my dad and the rest of us.

I don’t know what any of us would do without her strength and her encouragement to keep moving forward.


My daughter Sarah is an inspiration to me as well.  She not only works and commutes an hour each way to work, but she is raising my three beautiful grandchildren.  

She is the most loving and caring mother which makes me so proud of her.  There is nothing that she would not do for her children and they are reminded daily/hourly how much she loves them and wants the best for them.

She reminds me of me in the crafty department.  She has a closet full of beads, paints, paper, glue, glitter, pipe cleaners, and tissue paper.  Whenever she wants something special to do, all she needs to do is visit her craft closet.  

Even though she works, she manages to prepare them wonderful meals from scratch most of the week.  She is a creative cook and baker.

My grandson developed a severe reaction to a vaccination when he was six months old.  Suddenly her life and that of her family changed.  He suddenly quit rolling over, no longer was trying to crawl, didn’t reach for the toys that hung in front of him, and just seemed to not pay attention to anything.  He also suddenly developed a lazy eye.  My grandson is improving but is still developmentally delayed for his age.  My daughter refused to accept the diagnosis of the neurologist that he may never improve and searched out help.  She found help in two of the most amazing women.  One is an occupational therapist who specializes in Cranial Sacro work and the other is a member of a Regional Center that works with him as well.  When it was evident that he might need speech therapy she didn’t wait, she sought out the most amazing speech therapist and I think he is on the cusp of talking (already saying two words together).

These two wonderful women make me thankful every day that they are in my lives.  They make me want to fight for my own improvement in health to allow me to play an active role in their lives.

Who is your inspiration?


9 responses to “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


  2. Kathy: Many people have inspired me, and to tell the truth, you are one of them. I’ve watched your battle to survive and recover from a debilitating illness that no one on the outside of environmental illness can even begin to fathom. Despite what you have dealt with, and still deal with, you manage to be a support to your family, a great mother and grandmother—and an incredibly loyal friend. You are my idea of a hero!. Love and Happy Mother’s Day, Jennie

  3. Happy Mother’s Day. You definitely come from a family that knows the meaning of the word grace. 😀

  4. Sounds to me like all three of you are exceptional women, Kathryn. Kudos to all.

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