Day 135 In the Pursuit of Love (Awareness) and May is MCS Awareness Month #15

A reminder that May is MCS Awareness Month. I love that Colleen has been able to do a post for each day. Please check out her other posts for MCS Awareness Month.

Thank you Colleen for keeping the word out there.

Life in the City with a Future

“MCS awareness is when my friends tell others what fragrance free means,” by MCSGAL

Image2geeseImage5geesefamilyIf one looks up the word awareness in the dictionary the definition involves: feelings, perception, sensory patterns, knowledge…. Therefore one might argue, when awareness is lacking then one or more of either: feelings, sensory patterns, knowledge or perception are lacking. I have a degree in zoology and took an ornithology course, so I have a modicum of knowledge involving birds. When I walk in the spring by the lake, I see and hear the pattern of the geese change. At first they flock together and are quite noisy. But after a time they will be in pairs. If those pairs are a bit apart from each other than there are likely babies to be guarded. They are very quiet most of the time. But I perceive that if I get to close, the male will become…

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