How To Make a Chia Gel Egg Substitute

What a great idea. Thank you Allergista for this information.

The Allergista


One of the things I haven’t done in a LONG time because of my allergies is: baking.

I used to looooove to bake and came up with all sorts of awesome cupcake recipes. Between my lactose intolerance, propylene glycol allergy (pg is in most baking mixes) and my body’s aversion to eggs… baking came to a screeching halt.

I know one can use plain almond milk for a milk substitute and that you don’t need baking mixes to bake, so the last thing to overcome was…. the egg.

I had heard about chia gel being used as an egg substitute, but I was so skeptical that I never tried. My hunny and I actually made the gel a couple years ago after finding out the many benefits of chia. And yes, it’s the same chia we spread on clay animals when we were young!

Some chia facts:

  • Chia seeds come from…

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