Losing Words

Losing words is horrible. This happens on a regular basis. I, too, have to stumble through my mind to find another word that will work without totally embarrassing myself. I find it happens when I am writing also but not as often. I do find that when I type, words are often spelled wrong. It is usually the same words that my brain relays incorrectly to my typing fingers. I think I need to do a blog post where I don’t go back and correct all my errors.

For me sometimes I get hit before I even smell the offending chemical. What frightens me most is will it be bad enough that I cannot get myself safely away. I am sharing your post on my blog. We have to keep this line of communication and the conversation going. Somewhere I have a blog post about the loss of words. I will find it and repost it.

MCS and Allergies: Learning to Live Differently

I’ve been following Allergic to life and MCS gal, and today they are asking what is your canary. Without a doubt, my voice is my canary. It’s my warning that I need to run away from where ever I am.

Last fall, I was so ill, I could no longer smell when I was in danger (oh, those nasty formaldehyde products!). The ENT told me to let my voice be my guide. If it was going, I was in trouble. Because really, the voice is just the beginning to the reaction: drainage, coughing, breathing issues, swelling eyes, black eyes, pain in my legs (new this summer–a not so thrilling development), and neurological issues.

My words get lost. It usually doesn’t happen when I’m writing–thank god, I believe there is a separate brain vault for writing and speaking. But when I’m talking, it can happen in mid-sentence. I, of course, try…

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