What is Your Canary?

My fellow blogger friend, MCS Gal, has a blog posted titled “What is Your Canary?”.  I read it and immediately commented.  This has led to numerous comments back and forth.  Please check out her blog post and leave a comment.

Don’t forget to leave a comment here as well on what your canary is!

11 responses to “What is Your Canary?

  1. It’s my voice, without a doubt. It goes quickly, but I’m fortunate to have an excellent dr. The inhaler, Wilson’s rinse, and tussie really help me. I usually lose words, and if the exposure was bad, my legs will hurt 48 hours after the event. I’m trying to learn to live with all of it, but I feel like a prisoner–I can go no where.

    • I experience the voice issue and much more. I have lost words (and do with or without an exposure). I also deal with my legs hurting. They have been hurting for a while now because I had a huge exposure over several days.

      Thank you for commenting.

  2. It’s good to know I’m not alone, but I feel badly for all of us! Do you take anything for the pain in your legs? When it got really bad, I ended up in emergency. They told me the disease is doing it, and there is nothing they can do but give me pain pills. I don’t like the pain pills–my brain is fuzzy enough, thank you!

  3. No I don’t really take anything. For me heat seems to help some. The rest just has to go away on its own time.

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  5. My canary is vomiting or diarrhea. It tells me when my kidneys are not holding on as well as they should. I don’t get earlier warnings than that.

  6. I am really learning from others’ comments. I have had foot numbness with no known etiology (I’m sure you have heard that phrase from doctors multiple times). To hear more people talk about their neuro reactions makes me question an MCS connection with other physical issues I have dealt with.

  7. MCS Gal, I think there are many health issues that can be attributed to MCS but doctor’s just don’t know or understand it all. I also believe there are many more out there with issues that being bombarded with chemicals and/or mold on a daily basis is a contributing factor.

  8. Kathryn – several people in my support group (Vasculitis) have found that what triggered their diseases were a variety of silica, mold, and even asbestos. We think mine was triggered partially by trichloroethelyne that I used to clean components when I was an electronics tech. So– chemical related —

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