TSA Took My Lunch! Airports and Food Allergies

This is a dilemma many of you I am sure have had to deal with in some form or another.

I remember once flying home from Dallas to California. I fixed myself something that I could eat knowing I couldn’t eat anything on the plane. What I didn’t think about was to eat meant removing my mask and taking off the oxygen that helped keep from reacting to all the stuff in the air. Lesson learned was to make sure I ate before I got to the airport so I could make it to my destination where I would once again be able to eat.

Adventures of an Allergic Foodie

As I watched TSA swab my jar of peanutbutter, I thought back to the good old days–not the days before Sept 11 when airplane security was less rigorous, but back to the good old days when I didn’t have food allergies and celiac disease.  My biggest concern before becoming An Allergic Foodie was what shoes to pack. Now, I begin hyperventilating while making an airline reservation. What will I eat it? Where will I eat? What if I have a reaction? Should I just stay home with the dog?

I made many ignorant mistakes in my early days of traveling through airports with allergies.  Let me share a few.

Mistake #1. “Surely, I’ll find something in the airport to eat.”

Wrong. I’ve wandered through some of the largest airports in the U.S. and come up with zilch. Too many times I’ve drooled over my husband’s burger or pizza slice while…

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