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Recently I spent a lot of time at the hospital with my dad.  My mother and sister were there with me. One morning while we were on our way outside for some fresh air my sister decided to walk into the gift shop.  I walked in and immediately spied this little pink notepad  and had to take it home with me.  The front of it was covered with three quotes:

A Pencil And A Dream Can Take You Anywhere

Dreams Are Illustrations From The Book Your Soul Is Writing About You

Fill Your Paper With the Breathings Of Your Heart


Fill Your Paper With The Breathings Of Your Heart

This saying said something to me straight away.  I fill my journal with the “breathings of my heart” especially when dealing with a difficult time in my life.  My book, Allergic to Life: My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope, is filled with the “breathings of my heart”.  I included many excerpts from my journal written during the most difficult times of my journey through mold induced illness and chemical sensitivity.  

I found myself crying the other night.  I was having an emotional meltdown at the passing of my father and could not sleep. My journal was once again there to comfort me.  It allowed me to say all the things I could not say out loud.  It allowed me to talk to my father and to write a poem about one of his favorite belongings, his lucky horseshoe (I am not yet emotionally ready to share the poem). I am still finding it difficult to resume my writing on my blogs or other projects that I am in the process of starting.  Until I can write, I have my journal.

Which quote resonates the most with you and why?

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  1. Hi Kathryn, just allow yourself the time you need to heal from this loss. I know it’s really hard – especially in today’s interconnected world, but it’s so very important. 🙂 To answer your question, I’d have to say, “A Pencil and a Dream Can Take You Anywhere” because all of my most ambitious and successful projects started out in this way. xoxo 🙂

  2. Definitely the third one. I have journaled since a teen and they are definitely the breathings of my heart. Breathes of despair, grief, anxious thoughts, fears or failings and also delightful breathes of gratitude, prayers of rejoicing and recordings of how God and others have blessed me. Every so often I will pull one out from 20 or 30 years ago and see how much I am the same yet how much I have grown, which often are a result of the hard and painful times.

    Praying for you in this season of grieving and physical recovery.



  3. “A Pencil and a Dream” gives you a wide range to work with. The pencil can write, tap, or draw. While the dream gives you ideas, visions, hope, and something to write about.

  4. Reblogged this on quirkywritingcorner and commented:
    I picked the first one. I’m curious to hear what everyone else likes and why.

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